A little information about myself for your comfort

I hold a Certificate IV Government Accreditation in Wholistic Wellness.

Wholistic Wellness means I treat the person as a whole and seek to determine the root cause of their presenting problems rather than just treat the symptoms and each person is regarded as an individual even if their symptoms may be the same.

With an understanding of human behaviours and my ability to read energy on a spiritual level, I am able to blend these skills to achieve some positive outcomes for my clients.

We are all made up of energy and everything has a vibrational frequency. Sometimes that energy gets blocked and shows up as aches and pains in the body, insomnia, anxiety, stress, apathy, digestive issues, phobias, addictions or dysfunction in the body and mind.

When we have discord in our energetic system it presents itself as a toxin, whether they derive from disempowering thoughts and beliefs, unhealthy food choices, medications, environmental or personal care products, our energy cannot flow as it should and the body needs to be realigned.

I will endeavour to alleviate the restricted flow and subsequently release it with a myriad of modalities at my disposal. After a short initial consultation it can be determined which modalities might give you the best outcome.

For maximum results I work on all levels on the body, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to bring the body back into alignment and balance. A few of these modalities are outlined within the website.

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Initial Consultation (Please allow 90mins) $80

Regular Appointments (1 hour) $80

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When our spine is out of alignment we can be experiencing neck, back or shoulder problems, sinus, headaches, insomnia or indigestion, all the while diminishing the immune system. This modality is achieved by simple light touches of muscle receptors holding the vertebrae. This can generate heat and often the client will feel pulses once each receptor has been activated. Neural Alignments are non manipulative, non invasive, hands on healing that stimulates the Central Nervous System, the body’s own self healing mechanism by re-aligning the muscles that hold the vertebrae. This science based method in conjunction with the use of crystals and energy healing gives a gentle and effective relief to a number of ailments connected with the misalignment of the spine. In many cases, instant relief can be felt with the process continuing to work for the next 48 hours. Clients often use this therapy in conjunction with chiropractic visits without causing any conflicting problems. This gentle procedure will have you feeling so relaxed that you may even drift off to sleep (extremely beneficial to its effectiveness). Neural Skeletal Energy Alignments can be performed through clothing for your privacy and personal comfort. Even pets can benefit from this treatment!

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