Beyond The Story


Everyone has a story and a set of references that make that story a living, breathing part of our life.

It can make us overtly respond or react or equally withdraw or withhold in any given situation by the beliefs we have set for ourselves.

It can be the reason we hold ourselves back from opportunities whether they be personal or business related.

It can be our frame of reference for all our decision making.

Knowing that about ourselves also allows us to practise empathy and compassion for others that may appear to be ‘acting out’ (obviously, in OUR opinion).  It’s also interesting to note that the individual ‘acting out’ can be an amazing opportunity for a growth expansion, teaching us many hard but valuable lessons of how we show up in the world after having had these ones in our lives. They are often family members that have been the ‘sacrificial lambs‘. Lessons can be of tolerance, resilience and unconditional love.

In any given experience is an opportunity for growth of our human development.  To know we always have a choice in how we react to a situation.  The tools of perspective, perception and insight can be tremendous assets in our day to day interactions with people.

The ability to stand in someone’s shoes before placing judgement can often be testing but worth practising for the rewards it will bring in living a more harmonious life.

No one truly can put themselves 100% in someone’s experience but certainly if the intent is to be more self-aware, the insights will come.

When we have a better understanding of how energy works, then we are always seeing a reflection of ourselves and our behaviour in the face of another.

That may appear, at first, a bit of a stretch to comprehend but whatever behaviour that is impacting our life and triggering off a set of emotions is either a reflection of our own behaviour, albeit one we will at first deny, vehemently, OR a trigger to an old wound that is resurfacing for resolution.

It’s also worth noting that not all emotions need addressing. Try keeping it to the ones that have the higher emotional charge or ones that seem to linger.

Human beings tend to be very opinionated and judgemental of their own kind, unlike the animal kingdom.

Even arguing with our children is an opportunity to see that they can’t possibly understand our perspective of a parenting issue when they have never had that experience, so we will have to be content to wait for them to acknowledge our wisdom.

Taking responsibility for our own feelings in any given situation, diffuses some of the raw emotion that inadvertently may have been misplaced onto an unsuspecting other. This means each party gets to do their own unpacking before regrouping to reach mutual, respectful communication.

Dealing with the wounds of the human ego can be a slippery slope but when we approach it with the intention of always being responsible for our own feelings, learning how to articulate respectfully and never having an expectation that it is anyone else’s job to provide happiness, then the easier it will be to navigate our way around life.

Life is a smorgasbord and we can choose what we find appealing but it doesn’t make the other choices wrong, just not for us.

Most people have strong opinions on right and wrong, but unless we know every aspect of the situation then it is just our opinion based on our beliefs and without having everyone’s complete personal life history at our fingertips, we are not completely informed.

Most people are just trying to survive in a world that can at times seem very unforgiving and unsafe so perhaps, we can choose empathy and kindness over righteousness and judgement.

What other people think of us is none of our business

Life is not doing anything to US, its doing it FOR us


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