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Angelwhisperer Wellness Services is going mobile for your furry friend

Introducing the DOGGY DAY SPA which will be offering ANIMAL THERAPEUTIC ALIGNMENTS, REIKI HEALINGS, REIKI DOG WASH using all natural products and ANIMAL COMMUNICATION

My Crystal Pet Sprays will be available to buy along with some amazing healthy dog treats and accessories made by local businesses

I believe our future is energy and vibration and we can learn so much from nurturing our beloved animals. When you connect with an animal on a heart level there is an exchange of wisdom and love for both parties

I also have a strong passion for helping to bridge the gap for the non-verbals - autistic children and animals by being the Voice for the Voiceless and delivering soul messages to their carers for their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Debbi is also a registered puppy raiser with The Guide Dogs SA/NT and her retired from Guide Dogs girl, Chardy is now a Delta Therapy dog.

Debbi was also the organiser of the NOT The Melbourne Cup Adelaide event, 2013 - 2016 as an alternative to horse racing and raising funds for animals.

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From a Practitioner & Healers Perspective on Angelwhisper Sprays

In the modern world we have so much information flowing through us than ever before. Wi-Fi, TV, radio, phone calls, messages, satellite transmissions, others fears, peer and society’s pressure. Can at times overwhelm our senses. Once our field begins to become tired, we are no longer able to keep these energies at bay.

As a healer I’m always on the lookout for high quality vibrational essences. There are some emerging products coming on the market but these sprays are a very effective and efficient method for self-maintaining and preservation of our energy field and well-being. Ideal for Empaths, indigo’s Asperger’s and autism and the like. For all those sensitive souls that have been labelled as different to the normal, who have evolved senses and abilities to detect energies that most of humanity are still unaware of.

These sprays are a multi-pronged approach to restoring peace and harmony, limitless in their ability to evolve with the client. Due to the manufacturing process that allows spirit to flow as directed without limitations.

As a result, these sprays have the abilities and functionality on any levels of existence from the outermost edges of our aura right down to the physical. Rarely has there been a remedy which has such a diverse scope.

A spray is an effective way of treating not only yourself, but also your loved ones, your work environment, home and indeed any environment you may find yourself in. Unlike essences taken internally which only helps the individual, these sprays help whoever is in the vicinity, adapting to each individual and restoring calm and prosperity accordingly to their individual needs and highest good.

I use these sprays as they complement my healing style, to add another dimension to the healing and balancing process, to seal off and integrate after a spiritual healing.

High quality gem and crystal energy combined with a unique young living oils are used delivering a superior quality product and their abilities reflect this. Each spray has also been associated with a particular healing aspect of an archangel which also remains with you until harmony is restored, to add an additional avenue to settle down the emotional aspects.

As humans we associate emotions and feeling to a particular smell, attaching memories to them. These smells once we detect them help to restore love and harmony, imagine the smell of grandmas cooking when you were younger and the feelings and emotions they promote. It’s the same with these sprays they generate and reconnect us to a state of peace and de stress us almost instantaneously to enable restoration to a sense of bliss.

These sprays not only calm seal and remove irritants from our subtle bodies, chakras etc, but they also bring through the vibration of the crystals and essential oils in each blend, into the physical level. The vibration and energy also penetrates the blood brain barrier to allow for rapid relief and harmonisation.

Holistically this range covers just about every paradigm you could think of, from negativity, false beliefs and even to cleansing the cells of toxins and negativity. They are fantastic at rebuilding the filters that most adults have learnt to put in place. Those connected to higher levels of energy and dimensions, often have great trouble in maintaining this filter due to constantly keeping the lower vibrations and energies from enveloping their pattern.  Once fatigue sets in they are very vulnerable as their soul and light burns so brightly it becomes a beacon that attracts lesser energies wanting to attach to them and use their energy to for their own purposes.

This range is Brilliant for re-establishing this filter, giving them a barrier against these energies and then begins the process of harmonisation via the cleansing and stabilization of the aura and electromagnetic layers of our being.

This then filters down through the traditional chakras (Western) but also through the Trans-Personal chakras such as the liver, spleen, upper heart, upper throat, stellar gateway and the humorous chakras (associated with individuals wings). It’s the operation and functionality of the transpersonal chakras which enables an individual to bring through their full spirituality and higher self into every aspect of life. It helps stabilises and grounds us here on earth. When our chakras being to function abnormally it can be quite frightening and disconcerting.

Once the energy is delivered via the chakra systems it is then transported through the bodies’ meridians system and bring peace and harmony to a cellular level. The use of scent and vibration also means that while the energy is cleansing, restoring and rejuvenating externally, the utilization of scent via the olfactory system, respiratory and circulatory system means simultaneously they are working from the inside-out.

The modern evolving pattern means that modern children and indeed adults can go from a state of harmony and bliss, to being in a state of “dis-at- ease” or “crisis” very rapidly. These sprays enables us to stabilise and maintain our state of being in order to keep us out of that critical emotional and spiritual crisis state we reach when we are tired, fatigued or under psychic attack. To most of us this can occur at times out of simply nowhere.

Once destabilisation has occurred our energy field and centres become open slather for lesser energies and they literally rip us to bits and drain us of vitality and energy.  These sprays seal off the outer edges of our pattern and then go about cutting off and removing the energy drains, and toxins associated with attack and invasions. They cleanse and repair damaged and closed chakras, re-establishing the connection to source so normal energy flow can re commenced once more.

There is even a spray to help correct any imbalances in the light body and merkabah. For those that are tired and drained there is even an added bonus of treating the physical senses to some bliss to help the rejuvenation process. The scope of these sprays is extraordinary. On a holistic level these sprays are certainly the leading edge of remedies and emergency remedies that are currently on the market. Even down to their most basic function they are more than capable of sustaining our energy fields until such time as we can either be removed from the toxic environment, or until such time as further help and healing can be administered.

A highly effective tool which will enable any one, of any level of ability, to maintain their own energy field, to have greater control over their own emotions thus improving their own well-being and spirituality with ease and harmony.

To put the new children’s energy capabilities and properties into perspective, it’s important to remember that some individual’s energy fields can extend outwards in distance for several city blocks. So they have far more people, information, stimulation etc. going through them at any given time. So when you think of modern living, before they even wake up to start their day, they already have hundreds and possibly thousands of other people’s energy interacting with theirs. Unfortunately not all of them happy and loving. These children feel it all but are often unaware of what exactly it is they are feeling. These sprays help remove the negative emotions and pressures of life, removes the irritation and frustration. Utilises the consciousness of crystals, essential oils and help from archangels to re-establish harmony and a sense of peace and belonging.



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Stephen Jones Testimonial of the Angel Whisperer’s Sprays     

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As a healer I am always looking for new products and ways to enhance healing. These sprays have the ability to adapt and expand as we experience, integrate and grow. The way they interact with our transpersonal chakras is second to none. Allowing healing to go on into other dimensions and greater depths. I use these in healing to not only tie off the energy but to reinforce the filters and aide integration. Not only do they work on an individual level but also on a genetic and family level as well. Magnificent for clearing, cleansing, promoting self-harmony and beneficial for all ages. The remarkable thing is their ability to function on a collective whole but also have the freedom to adapt to each and every one of us specifically and independently regardless of male/female preconditions etc. Which means they are not just made for a specific purpose they evolve as we do.

These sprays are effective not only on a physical level, but also to the very furthest part of developing layers of our auras and consciousness. The combination of crystals, essential oils and ingredients of these blends create a beautiful vibrant and fragrant environment which aids in the release of emotions not only from this life time but beyond, and they allow us the safety and stability to acknowledge, release, forgive, rebuild, expand, grow and connect to the light that you always were destined to be. So grab a mist blend, have a spray and give your soul a hug!



I had been sick for over a week with stomach pain and severe nausea that doctors could find no diagnoses for. I had an ultrasound, CT scan, blood tests and stool analysis – but they all showed no reason for the pain.

I went to Debbi as my last option and to be honest I now realise that she should have been my first. I was in no condition to drive so I asked her to perform a distant healing treatment for me to help relieve my pain.

During the treatment I could feel my stomach get warm and the energy inside me move, churning around; the pain seemed to be shifting. At times there were sharp pains, but my stomach soon soothed.

It has now been over a week since my treatment and I am feeling lighter and full of energy. I feel as if a weight has been shifted. I think all too often we overlook our physical pain as the result of emotional blockages. We go to the gym, chiropractor and eat healthy foods to look after our physical wellbeing, but we forget that we must also look after our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Debbi is a fantastic healer and teacher and I would definitely recommend her services to others.

Sam, Adelaide 2/12/14                                                                               Distant Reiki Healing_0001






Wow, what an amazing few weeks. I had my surgery, all went so much easier than expected. I feel like I have left so much of my guilt behind. I am saying no when i need to and feeling positive about it all. I feel like I have reconnected with my angel guides and asking for help and certainly receiving it. I feel clarity with life again. Thank you for your wonderful counselling and guidance. 

Tiarnie (2013)


“The most important lesson I have learned from Deb is that we must “learn from our learning”. We all have baggage: we all have regrets and we all have attitudes and behavior that maybe isn’t doing us much good. Life deals us all many problems but how we learn to overcome them by letting go, by not letting ourselves be ruled by past events and guilt is extremely uplifting and fulfilling.

We are told to learn by our mistakes but if we feel that that’s all we are making in our lives then that’s all we are learning!

I really feel Deb helped me with a very important element-to learn from the positive things we have, say and do and how to recognize them in ourselves and others.

I have attended workshops and have had several readings and have honestly felt an intense sense of achievement and well-being since I have met Deb.

I have the courage to move from a very unsatisfying career and have made shifts in the focus of my thoughts and deeds which have been extremely beneficial.

Not least in a long list of positive changes that I attribute to my association with Deb is a shedding of pointless guilt and emotional responsibility we needlessly take on in regard to how others perceive us. That is not an easy lesson but one that is very freeing.

I take great pleasure in writing this for Deb. I would suggest that anyone looking to make changes in their world should not waste any time…you have come this far so deep down you know it is possible and, importantly…It is time.

Jennifer Selth. (2012)


Debbi Kemp is a person who has made it her mission to improve people’s lives by helping them make subtle changes in the way they think, feel and experience day to day living.

I am one of those lucky people who met Debbi earlier this year.

With her very natural unassuming manner and skills, she has helped me to restructure my life to free me from many preconditioned thoughts and reactions I had to different situations.

With these changes of thinking and feeling from my heart, life has been on a growth spurt, both in a social, and a business sense.

Life was really meant to be easy, but in order to enjoy it we need to know a lot more about ourselves.

One person cannot have all the answers.

Debbi has definitely made a very significant contribution to my life, and I am sure she will continue with her “ recipes” as I call them, and help unravel the many questions we have asked about ourselves.

I wish her well and highly recommend the work she does.

Peter Silins

December 2011


My first encounter with Deb was overhearing her speak to another staff member.  I was drawn to the energy of the conversation and instantly wanted to know more about her and the knowledge she held.

This was 11mths ago and in that time I have made a life changing decision.  As a result of that, and forming a friendship with Deb, I have continued to grow in my personal development and learnt to deal with many issues that arose out of my decision, using the skills Deb has passed on to me.

I found Deb to be likeable and approachable.  She has good people skills and a rapport with people and her manner in which she relays her knowledge is easy to comprehend.

I will continue on my journey knowing that I have good resources and a real person to turn to.

Johanne Camfferman  (2008)


Emotional problems that I was not consciously aware of were causing me a lot of stress and anxiety for many years. I thought I was a weak and overly emotional person and would berate myself for not being able to deal graciously with life’s stresses the way other people seemed to.

I saw Debbi initially for a neural-skeletal energy alignment and have now had many counselling sessions with her. Her honest, yet caring approach has helped me develop strategies to overcome negative conditioning and shift limiting beliefs on a soul level.

Each day I work to overcome past conditioning and live deeper in the now and I thank Debbi wholeheartedly for her wisdom and guidance on my journey, the world needs more Angel Whisperers!

Natalie, 24  (2009)



To Whom it May Concern

I’m only too happy to provide you with some feedback as to the extreme benefits I’ve derived from such a short period of counseling with you.

I’ve suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) and acute clinical depression and  for several years had been receiving ongoing professional treatment from a psychiatrist, various forms counseling from a clinical psychologist and was also receiving assistance from the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service (CRS).

In addition, I was prescribed anti-depressants and took rather large dosages twice a day, morning and evening.  My condition was so severe that it totally dominated my life.  I had become virtually reclusive and could best be described as an emotional vegetable.  My days were filled with despair and quite frankly Deb’s I saw absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel and had simply given up any hope and so consequently I dwelt on suicide several times a day.  I slept extremely poorly, waking anything up to 20 times throughout the night and when I did sleep I suffered terrifyingly vivid nightmares.  I also experienced flash backs several times each day.

My ongoing psychiatric and psychological treatment was simply not helping in any way and in addition, the anti depressants I was prescribed only provided short term benefits which resulted in my Doctor and Psychiatrist constantly increasing the dosages of my medications.  My psychiatrist also wanted me to begin using other forms of stronger medication though I decided I did not want do that. The combined effects of all of this led to further despair and in turn quite simply exacerbated my condition.

I remember when you first offered to assist me Deb’s I felt quite skeptical especially in view of the fact that several years of professional treatment and various forms medication had failed, however, I have to say that confiding in you and trusting in your abilities and your systems was one of the very best decision I have made in my life.

I can tell you quite categorically that within 2 weeks of receiving counseling from you and performing the tasks you assigned me, my life began to turn around.  A couple of months later I had recovered to the point that I faced every day with hope, I no longer spent my days in bed, my sleep improved dramatically and the flash backs I was experiencing diminished in frequency.  Only a couple of months further Deb’s I was so confident in dealing with the issues that drove and exacerbated my conditions that I was able to stop taking all forms of medication and in fact ceased receiving treatment from my psychiatrist, psychologist and personal doctor and the CRS.  I am now employed in a full time position, no longer dwell on suicidal, I look to the future with hope and as you’re aware I’ve expanded my social circle and am no longer socially isolated.

I’ll be honest with you Deb’s and say that I still have a way to go,  I still suffer from flash backs though  by comparison they are very infrequent.  I can go a few weeks without experiencing one whereas only a few short months ago I suffered several a day.

There are times that I experience varying degrees of anxiety and a myriad of emotions though the truth is that most normal people will experience the same.

Deb’s, I really want to thank you for all your help.  The results you achieved over a couple of counseling sessions, and over the telephone mind you, is simply extraordinary. You’re gifted in this field and have a lot to offer others who suffered similarly to myself.

My very best wishes for you Deb’s

Michael Haill   2005




It is with great pleasure that I write this personal reference for Debbi Kemp.

Throughout 2009 I attended a number of workshops in Bridgewater in the Adelaide Hills which were facilitated by Debbi. The Workshops were very informative, professionally presented, easy to understand, enjoyable, fun filled and beneficial from a personal development perspective.

Debbi has extensive knowledge and experience in a number of areas due to studies, courses and actual experience which she has undertaken.

The types of workshops that Debbi facilitated to name a few were subconscious therapies, manifesting, intuitive counselling, angel card readings, wholistic psychology, guided meditation, soul retrieval, surviving abuse and neural skeletal therapy.

Debbi is a very pleasant and personable and provides a warm, caring environment where people feel safe to gently release, heal and move forward in a positive direction on their healing journey.

I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Debbi as a workshop facilitator.

I wish her every success.

Pauline Nelson 2009



July 2010

‘Being a Woman’ is a program for all women from all walks of life who come together to exchange life experiences and to  learn and discuss new and exciting things through a varied range of diverse workshop style sessions that have been chosen by the ladies.  They celebrate being a woman within a relaxed friendly atmosphere sharing a free lunch.   The group runs once a month offering a creche with interesting speakers and facilitators who are invited to run exciting sessions.  This happens at Aberfoyle Community Centre, you need to phone to book a place as numbers fill up fast, the number is: 8270 6148.   

One of our speakers was ‘Angel Whisperer’ Debbi Kemp who graced us with her amazing inspirational presence running a wholistic workshop discussing:emotions, Angel cards and Archangels and their purposes, tools to enhance intuitive abilities….  The ladies enjoyed Debbi’s down to earth friendly approach and positive engaging energy!  Questions flowed freely and an atmosphere of pure calm enveloped the group.  The ladies found Debbi’s talk motivational and have been talking about signing up for one of her workshops.  Debbi’s attitude and intuitive clarity is refreshing and makes us stop and question the here and now and the past.  Her positive style is motivational and gives guidance and hope for the future!   

The ladies want to say a BIG thank you to Debbi for visiting their group! 

You are an Earth Angel!

Many Thanks,

Karen Berry

Being a Woman Co-ordinator. 

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