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Angelwhisperer Wellness Services is going mobile for your furry friend

Introducing the DOGGY DAY SPA which will be offering ANIMAL THERAPEUTIC ALIGNMENTS, REIKI HEALINGS, REIKI DOG WASH using all natural products and ANIMAL COMMUNICATION

My Crystal Pet Sprays will be available to buy along with some amazing healthy dog treats and accessories made by local businesses

I believe our future is energy and vibration and we can learn so much from nurturing our beloved animals. When you connect with an animal on a heart level there is an exchange of wisdom and love for both parties

I also have a strong passion for helping to bridge the gap for the non-verbals - autistic children and animals by being the Voice for the Voiceless and delivering soul messages to their carers for their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Debbi is also a registered puppy raiser with The Guide Dogs SA/NT and her retired from Guide Dogs girl, Chardy is now a Delta Therapy dog.

Debbi was also the organiser of the NOT The Melbourne Cup Adelaide event, 2013 - 2016 as an alternative to horse racing and raising funds for animals.

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Reiki Healings

Japan’s ancient healing practice, Reiki has proven to be very beneficial in all areas of wellbeing for both humans and animals.

As a Reiki 2 practitioner I am confident of it’s benefits whether practiced on the subject or by sending the healing energy remotely, known as Distant Reiki.

Some of the areas that Reiki can be helpful is speeding up the healing process from an operation or wound, boosts the immune system, aids in behavioural or emotional issues, such as anxiety, stress relief and pain relief.

The channeled energy ultimately raises the animals vibration allowing healing to occur.

Due to animals sensitivity some are more open to having direct contact, whilst others may prefer to share the space and have the energy channeled to them.


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