Reacting or Creating


There’s no escaping it, everyone has an opinion, a theory, a story, beliefs and fears and seemingly more questions than answers.

There is no denying that this is a very unsettling and unpredictable time and this blog is in no way meant to diminish anyone’s genuine grief or pain.

Although I firmly believe that we will not emerge from this the same person that we entered, that can translate to many shades of fear (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL) for some, and those FEARS have become the real virus.

No one is exempt from having a reaction to this current situation but if we are mindful of how much energy we put into those reactions, we can choose to create instead.

Create a new mindset, a new routine, a new understanding, a new philosophy, new tolerances, new appreciations, new projects, new compassion levels, new perspectives, new skills, new priorities or new loves.

As we slow down it allows the subconscious mind to have a voice, so the simpler things like decluttering, cleaning, gardening or spending time in nature allows the normal ‘whisper’ to become more prevalent and from there our new creations are born.

As a global detox of old ways are emerging it makes sense that we will feel our own personal shifts that can show up as old emotions rising to the surface to be released.

This is a great opportunity to acknowledge and take responsibility for everything we are feeling. Whatever we feel, it is probable that it wasn’t the first time we have felt it. Every choice, decision and thought, we get to ask ourselves, is it coming from a place of fear or hope hence why absorbing every TV Channel and conspiracy theory will block that creativity and inner growth if we are running on fear.

When we set an intention of being a critical thinker and challenge those fears we are more likely to make better choices, seek out the truth and be able to choose what’s right for us, not what we have been told to believe.

Never make a decision based on fear, fear of scarcity, fear of lack, fear of ostracizing, fear of standing alone.

This may be something worth considering. If we are struggling to feel the energy shift as a positive, it may also equate to our struggle to receive and an opportunity to explore our reasons why.

Heart energy and raising our vibration in the form of gratitude, kindness and positivity are our best immune defense. This extension of heart energy is felt by people in isolation feeling less lonely than before because of acts of love being extended to them.

Like the caterpillar who goes through a difficult metamorphosis, the struggle is part of the journey to emerge as the butterfly.

Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Love.

Be your own Visionary of the Truth


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  1. millie

    Hi Debbi, love this article & so true. Thank you.

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