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What an interesting media circus the public gets subjected to on a regular basis, even though I’m sure many journalists, upcoming medicos and health practitioners probably originally chose their professions with the intent of doing some good in the world are often strangled by the bureaucratic red tape that we see so often at the base of many debates and discussions.

The latest sacrificial lamb has been the celebrity chef and all round good guy promoting healthy eating and sustainable living, Pete Evans.

Like many sacrificial lambs they are often subjected to ridicule, scrutiny and a lot of unfounded jargon that would put any half educated person in a tumultuous twist causing further confusion.

His message, and by no means does he stand alone with it, is about common sense and eating real food and staying away from toxic chemicals.  Doesn’t really seem that confusing does it? Then why is there such an outcry from the medical profession and media regarding anyone who is a truth-sayer?

Many highly informed, educated people that would share his beliefs are Dr Josh Axe, Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Sandra Cabot, Cyndi O’Meara, Kale Brock, Neurosurgeon, Dr David Perlmutter, Dr Terry Wahls, Dr William Davis – Cardiologist and Dr Bruce Lipton, Microbiologist.   Following any of these people’s work and messages will quickly show a common thread of common sense, humanity with some pretty outstanding research and facts to validate their claims.

Like many people with a social conscience, Pete Evans is using his celebrity status and media platform to educate and bring forth truth and awareness to people and give them an opportunity to question rather than just follow the masses.

He is merely saying to become more aware of foods that have been tampered with and genetically modified and if that includes some ‘foods’ that have been altered to enhance their growing and marketability capacity, then it would make sense to keep a wide berth from these too.

Unfortunately, when there is biased reporting, and the final say of what ends up on the cutting room floor falls on the heads of senior management and corporate, we are never going to be given the full truth when so many people’s hands are tied, including the journalist that interviewed Pete Evans on the Sunday Night show recently.

The unfortunate truth is that many people were filmed and interviewed at the summit with story after story of their wellness journeys, reversing Type 2 Diabetes and numerous other autoimmune diseases purely from removing chemicals and processed foods from their life and adopting a cleaner eating regime.  The omission of these stories in that interview is not offering the public full disclosure and is biased journalism.

The public deserves to have all the facts and let them have the freedom to choose but that can only happen when there is the whole truth which unfortunately when the bottom line is at stake there will always be those who choose the $ over the publics best health interest.

Elders of any indigenous tribe, worldwide, would be scratching their heads in disbelief at how we have managed to genetically alter compositions of our basic needs, being food and water, and claim it to be in the best interest of our health.

Our bodies were never designed to ingest toxic chemicals whether they come disguised as food in some genetic modification, sprayed on our food, through our personal care and cleaning products or through an array of prescription or over the counter pharmaceuticals.

An overload of these toxins is making us sicker and more reliant on drugs to alleviate those symptoms.  Does that sound like common sense?

Now even if we have been swayed to think twice about that breakfast cereal, laden with hidden sugar and inflammatory gluten, who do we trust with the labelling?

Manufacturers have managed to get around full disclosure of their products by listing them under pseudo names, and sourcing them from unhygienic locations, leaving the consumer further confused.

Another unfortunate dilemma is the state of the Australian Labelling Laws, which is under review but all things take time.  Just because you can get away with it doesn’t make it right.  Loopholes were designed for unscrupulous behaviour and have no place in the safety and health of our families.

What the future does promise is a company that is all about truth, integrity and truth on labelling and I am happy to be a Founding Advocate for this company along with some amazing ambassadors and spokespeople who share the vision that people deserve to lead healthy lives and deserve to know the truth.

I am excited that Pete Evans is a part of this new health movement.  There are many ways we can emancipate ourselves and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming but joining this tribe is a good place to start because we are not only in good company but all the hard work has been done for us in regards to labelling. Click here to see a short video of Pete Evans talking about this

Join our tribe on the Wellness Journey through InnerOrigin. You’ll never look back.  Feel free to browse around the website or join me as my InnerOrigin guest and make up your own mind in seeing firsthand what your future could look like.

The Person who takes Medicine must recover twice, once from the disease, and once from the medicine……William Osler

Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy food…..Hippocrates


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