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When our spine is out of alignment we can be experiencing neck, back or shoulder problems, sinus, headaches, insomnia or indigestion all the while boosting the immune system.
This is achieved by simple light touches of muscle receptors holding the vertebrae. This can generate heat and often the client will feel pulses once each receptor has been activated.
Neural Alignments are non manipulative, non invasive, hands on healing that stimulates the Central Nervous System, the body’s own self healing mechanism by re-aligning the muscles that hold the vertebrae.

This science based method in conjunction with the use of crystals and energy healing gives a gentle and effective relief to a number of ailments connected with the misalignment of the spine.

In many cases, instant relief can be felt with the process continuing to work for the next 48 hours. Clients often use this therapy in conjunction with chiropractic visits without causing any conflicting problems.

This gentle procedure will have you feeling so relaxed that you may even drift off to sleep (extremely beneficial to its effectiveness).
Neural Skeletal Energy Alignments can be performed through clothing for your privacy and personal comfort.

Even pets can benefit from this treatment!

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