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Angelwhisperer Wellness Services is going mobile for your furry friend

Introducing the DOGGY DAY SPA which will be offering ANIMAL THERAPEUTIC ALIGNMENTS, REIKI HEALINGS, REIKI DOG WASH using all natural products and ANIMAL COMMUNICATION

My Crystal Pet Sprays will be available to buy along with some amazing healthy dog treats and accessories made by local businesses

I believe our future is energy and vibration and we can learn so much from nurturing our beloved animals. When you connect with an animal on a heart level there is an exchange of wisdom and love for both parties

I also have a strong passion for helping to bridge the gap for the non-verbals - autistic children and animals by being the Voice for the Voiceless and delivering soul messages to their carers for their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Debbi is also a registered puppy raiser with The Guide Dogs SA/NT and her retired from Guide Dogs girl, Chardy is now a Delta Therapy dog.

Debbi was also the organiser of the NOT The Melbourne Cup Adelaide event, 2013 - 2016 as an alternative to horse racing and raising funds for animals.

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Truth, Transparency and Authenticity are not just a collection of New Age buzz words designed to hypnotise or mesmerise us into a new way of being.  It is the language of the soul and when we aren’t living in alignment with our soul, we will experience pain on the physical and emotional level.  Pain is the bodies way of showing misalignment.

Our soul is already perfect but when we introduce toxic thoughts and chemicals into our bodies, it will retaliate and shows its displeasure.  It seeks to return to wholeness before it was subjected to the negative and disempowering plethora of toxins that drain it of its vitality and wellbeing.

From my wholistic standpoint, I have covered many of the physical toxins that rob us of our authentic selves in the forms of foods, cleaning products, personal care products and pharmaceuticals, but I want to dig a little deeper into our truth of thoughts to ourselves.

The body has organs that can flush out and eliminate physical toxins to some degree and that can be easily rectified by making cleaner choices, but what about the lies we tell ourselves that slowly eat away at our soul?  What lie has been holding you back from being YOU?

Accepting situations, relationships, finances, and careers by telling ourselves all sorts of justifications, reasoning, disregarding our souls desires….for what?

To keep peace, to keep face, to settle, to excuse, to justify, to avoid?  All the while a little piece of our light is being dimmed each day, breaking down our body’s immune system and leaving it open for disease.

For too long many of us have believed we aren’t good enough, smart enough, worthy enough, or special enough to ask for more, to be honest with our wants and needs, not daring to dream but mostly being dishonest with ourselves.

Perhaps even being ‘grateful’ for where we are at is a comfortable excuse to never ‘rock the boat’ and expect more for ourselves.  I am all for gratitude but if we are putting on a brave face and faking it, the body will know.  You cannot lie to the soul.

Being honest with ourselves will open the door to being more honest with those around us and that can be very uncomfortable and confronting but necessary for emotional growth.

When we live inside the comfort bubble and do what we have always done, we will get what we have always got.

Being true to ourselves is saying no, when we mean no, and saying yes when we mean yes.  Asking for what we want and to be willing to walk away if our needs cannot be respected or negotiated.

The willingness to let go of what no longer serves us cracks open the wound to allow light to heal it.  Silence and suffering is a slow death sentence to our soul.

In this season of gift giving, perhaps the gift we can give to ourselves is the one of truth, transparency and authenticity, knowing it is the greatest gift we will ever receive.

2016 is known as The Year of Completion.  What are you NOT willing to bring with you into the New Year?

Before the Truth can set us Free, we need to recognise which lie is holding us hostage


We’re all familiar  with the terminology of ‘gifts in very strange wrapping paper’, but what does this actually mean?

All of us at some stage, and for some, there may seem a never ending procession of people in our lives that seemingly have made us miserable.

When you think of that person it can sometimes be difficult to think of them as a teacher or worse yet, a bearer of gifts.  More likely, at best, you would like to pretend they didn’t exist and at worst, wish they actually didn’t exist.

Before you race off to confession it’s important to realise that even highly evolved people will experience these feelings at some stage.  Knowing that it is just a stage and not a life sentence is the essence of how to move through the levels of healing.

We have all been told the secret to happiness is forgiveness and whilst that is an intrical part of healing, I believe that to truly experience deeper understanding we have to be thankful and grateful for the teacher and only then are we truly experiencing our soul’s evolvement.

People come into our lives to teach us about us. They will project and mirror old wounds that we believe we have carefully camouflaged. Our attempts at camouflaging show up as addictions in all its forms.  Any form of addiction is a block of our souls light and when deprived of its light our hearts ache.

Once our triggers have been set off, the secret is to not get caught up in the drama of the incident and see if there is any truth in their words or any part of their behaviour that is secretly part of our shadow self.

Our inauthenticity makes a hole in our soul that is constantly searching for its wholeness.

So the question remains if someone is pushing a button in us then it is our responsibility to own it and face it.  Not deflect, retreat, sulk or attack.  An analogy I like to use is that if we had an open wound on our body and someone poked at it, we would understandably recoil from the pain and resent the perpetrator.  This happens with emotional wounds in much the same way, someone can push an old open wound but they are not responsible for it, just for bringing its existence to the surface.

The purpose of love relationships is to elevate our spiritual growth.  A mere acquaintance does not have the same impact because they don’t have access to our hearts, where all our answers reside.

In the early stages of a new relationship attraction and common interests are high thus making our protective walls and vulnerabilities less imposing.  Once those guards are down the real healing can occur.  Only someone who has access to our hearts has the capabilities to unlock the door on our past hurts so they can be addressed.

This realisation is rarely seen when we are in the eye of the storm.  It is easier to project our pain and disappointment back at the person we believe inflicted it.

When we can see ourselves as the common denominator in many of our dramatic scenes we will come to realise that the scripts are similar, only the cast members have changed, and then true freedom can occur.

In acknowledging that every situation has a bigger picture and be open to finding a purpose for our situation, we will eventually find THE GIFT.



A little info about myself for your comfort

I hold a Certificate IV Government Accreditation in Wholistic Wellness and Psychology.

Wholistic Wellness means I treat the person as a whole and seek to determine the root cause of the presenting problem rather than just treat the symptoms.