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Introducing the DOGGY DAY SPA which will be offering ANIMAL THERAPEUTIC ALIGNMENTS, REIKI HEALINGS, REIKI DOG WASH using all natural products and ANIMAL COMMUNICATION

My Crystal Pet Sprays will be available to buy along with some amazing healthy dog treats and accessories made by local businesses

I believe our future is energy and vibration and we can learn so much from nurturing our beloved animals. When you connect with an animal on a heart level there is an exchange of wisdom and love for both parties

I also have a strong passion for helping to bridge the gap for the non-verbals - autistic children and animals by being the Voice for the Voiceless and delivering soul messages to their carers for their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Debbi is also a registered puppy raiser with The Guide Dogs SA/NT and her retired from Guide Dogs girl, Chardy is now a Delta Therapy dog.

Debbi was also the organiser of the NOT The Melbourne Cup Adelaide event, 2013 - 2016 as an alternative to horse racing and raising funds for animals.

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There’s no escaping it, everyone has an opinion, a theory, a story, beliefs and fears and seemingly more questions than answers.

There is no denying that this is a very unsettling and unpredictable time and this blog is in no way meant to diminish anyone’s genuine grief or pain.

Although I firmly believe that we will not emerge from this the same person that we entered, that can translate to many shades of fear (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL) for some, and those FEARS have become the real virus.

No one is exempt from having a reaction to this current situation but if we are mindful of how much energy we put into those reactions, we can choose to create instead.

Create a new mindset, a new routine, a new understanding, a new philosophy, new tolerances, new appreciations, new projects, new compassion levels, new perspectives, new skills, new priorities or new loves.

As we slow down it allows the subconscious mind to have a voice, so the simpler things like decluttering, cleaning, gardening or spending time in nature allows the normal ‘whisper’ to become more prevalent and from there our new creations are born.

As a global detox of old ways are emerging it makes sense that we will feel our own personal shifts that can show up as old emotions rising to the surface to be released.

This is a great opportunity to acknowledge and take responsibility for everything we are feeling. Whatever we feel, it is probable that it wasn’t the first time we have felt it. Every choice, decision and thought, we get to ask ourselves, is it coming from a place of fear or hope hence why absorbing every TV Channel and conspiracy theory will block that creativity and inner growth if we are running on fear.

When we set an intention of being a critical thinker and challenge those fears we are more likely to make better choices, seek out the truth and be able to choose what’s right for us, not what we have been told to believe.

Never make a decision based on fear, fear of scarcity, fear of lack, fear of ostracizing, fear of standing alone.

This may be something worth considering. If we are struggling to feel the energy shift as a positive, it may also equate to our struggle to receive and an opportunity to explore our reasons why.

Heart energy and raising our vibration in the form of gratitude, kindness and positivity are our best immune defense. This extension of heart energy is felt by people in isolation feeling less lonely than before because of acts of love being extended to them.

Like the caterpillar who goes through a difficult metamorphosis, the struggle is part of the journey to emerge as the butterfly.

Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Love.

Be your own Visionary of the Truth

When we think of dogs with a purpose, maybe a police dog, working farm dog, customs dog, therapy or assistance dog or even a Guide Dog comes to mind. In reality they all have a purpose, some are just carved out more than others, but overall they all share the same purpose of giving unconditional love.

Dogs have their own innate intelligence, that unlike humans aren’t compromised by intermittent ‘monkey chatter’ of ‘to do’ lists, identity crisis thoughts of ‘Does my bum look too big?’, keeping up appearances or worrying what the other dogs at the dog park are saying behind their backs. Without all this extra clutter they are able to use their intuition to sense danger, have compassion for humans and sensing when extra love and attention is needed.

In my time at the Guide Dogs, I have spent many hours with puppies and seen a variety of personalities. Whilst the pups are offered the opportunity to become a working dog, many gracefully decline. What I know for sure is that it’s always the dog’s choice. We like to call this a career change.

The public doesn’t know what they don’t know and on behalf of the dogs they would say, ‘we didn’t fail, we chose’.

In my own experience, my first puppy was a very spirited girl that bred five very spirited off springs and one that was not only a different colour but a different personality. The five black puppies are very much loved pets and I’m sure helping their new owners in their own way by opening their hearts.

I take very little credit for that puppy’s career choice. I only gave him the early environment and opportunity to ‘have a go’. I’m proud of the work he is doing for someone, offering them a better quality of life but, more importantly, I know he is very loved.

As I write this my third puppy in training I have raised is about to transition into her new role as a pet. The Guide Dog path was not of her choosing but in the time I have had her she has grown into a beautiful, affectionate girl that I’m sure now will share that space in someone else’s heart.

As a parent of two very different thinking children, I can honestly embrace the same philosophy. Not everyone wants to be a doctor, lawyer or politician but everyone deserves to be happy.

Failure is an attitude not an outcome – Harvey MacKay

Everyone has a story and a set of references that make that story a living, breathing part of our life.

It can make us overtly respond or react or equally withdraw or withhold in any given situation by the beliefs we have set for ourselves.

It can be the reason we hold ourselves back from opportunities whether they be personal or business related.

It can be our frame of reference for all our decision making.

Knowing that about ourselves also allows us to practise empathy and compassion for others that may appear to be ‘acting out’ (obviously, in OUR opinion).  It’s also interesting to note that the individual ‘acting out’ can be an amazing opportunity for a growth expansion, teaching us many hard but valuable lessons of how we show up in the world after having had these ones in our lives. They are often family members that have been the ‘sacrificial lambs‘. Lessons can be of tolerance, resilience and unconditional love.

In any given experience is an opportunity for growth of our human development.  To know we always have a choice in how we react to a situation.  The tools of perspective, perception and insight can be tremendous assets in our day to day interactions with people.

The ability to stand in someone’s shoes before placing judgement can often be testing but worth practising for the rewards it will bring in living a more harmonious life.

No one truly can put themselves 100% in someone’s experience but certainly if the intent is to be more self-aware, the insights will come.

When we have a better understanding of how energy works, then we are always seeing a reflection of ourselves and our behaviour in the face of another.

That may appear, at first, a bit of a stretch to comprehend but whatever behaviour that is impacting our life and triggering off a set of emotions is either a reflection of our own behaviour, albeit one we will at first deny, vehemently, OR a trigger to an old wound that is resurfacing for resolution.

It’s also worth noting that not all emotions need addressing. Try keeping it to the ones that have the higher emotional charge or ones that seem to linger.

Human beings tend to be very opinionated and judgemental of their own kind, unlike the animal kingdom.

Even arguing with our children is an opportunity to see that they can’t possibly understand our perspective of a parenting issue when they have never had that experience, so we will have to be content to wait for them to acknowledge our wisdom.

Taking responsibility for our own feelings in any given situation, diffuses some of the raw emotion that inadvertently may have been misplaced onto an unsuspecting other. This means each party gets to do their own unpacking before regrouping to reach mutual, respectful communication.

Dealing with the wounds of the human ego can be a slippery slope but when we approach it with the intention of always being responsible for our own feelings, learning how to articulate respectfully and never having an expectation that it is anyone else’s job to provide happiness, then the easier it will be to navigate our way around life.

Life is a smorgasbord and we can choose what we find appealing but it doesn’t make the other choices wrong, just not for us.

Most people have strong opinions on right and wrong, but unless we know every aspect of the situation then it is just our opinion based on our beliefs and without having everyone’s complete personal life history at our fingertips, we are not completely informed.

Most people are just trying to survive in a world that can at times seem very unforgiving and unsafe so perhaps, we can choose empathy and kindness over righteousness and judgement.

What other people think of us is none of our business

Life is not doing anything to US, its doing it FOR us

What an interesting media circus the public gets subjected to on a regular basis, even though I’m sure many journalists, upcoming medicos and health practitioners probably originally chose their professions with the intent of doing some good in the world are often strangled by the bureaucratic red tape that we see so often at the base of many debates and discussions.

The latest sacrificial lamb has been the celebrity chef and all round good guy promoting healthy eating and sustainable living, Pete Evans.

Like many sacrificial lambs they are often subjected to ridicule, scrutiny and a lot of unfounded jargon that would put any half educated person in a tumultuous twist causing further confusion.

His message, and by no means does he stand alone with it, is about common sense and eating real food and staying away from toxic chemicals.  Doesn’t really seem that confusing does it? Then why is there such an outcry from the medical profession and media regarding anyone who is a truth-sayer?

Many highly informed, educated people that would share his beliefs are Dr Josh Axe, Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Sandra Cabot, Cyndi O’Meara, Kale Brock, Neurosurgeon, Dr David Perlmutter, Dr Terry Wahls, Dr William Davis – Cardiologist and Dr Bruce Lipton, Microbiologist.   Following any of these people’s work and messages will quickly show a common thread of common sense, humanity with some pretty outstanding research and facts to validate their claims.

Like many people with a social conscience, Pete Evans is using his celebrity status and media platform to educate and bring forth truth and awareness to people and give them an opportunity to question rather than just follow the masses.

He is merely saying to become more aware of foods that have been tampered with and genetically modified and if that includes some ‘foods’ that have been altered to enhance their growing and marketability capacity, then it would make sense to keep a wide berth from these too.

Unfortunately, when there is biased reporting, and the final say of what ends up on the cutting room floor falls on the heads of senior management and corporate, we are never going to be given the full truth when so many people’s hands are tied, including the journalist that interviewed Pete Evans on the Sunday Night show recently.

The unfortunate truth is that many people were filmed and interviewed at the summit with story after story of their wellness journeys, reversing Type 2 Diabetes and numerous other autoimmune diseases purely from removing chemicals and processed foods from their life and adopting a cleaner eating regime.  The omission of these stories in that interview is not offering the public full disclosure and is biased journalism.

The public deserves to have all the facts and let them have the freedom to choose but that can only happen when there is the whole truth which unfortunately when the bottom line is at stake there will always be those who choose the $ over the publics best health interest.

Elders of any indigenous tribe, worldwide, would be scratching their heads in disbelief at how we have managed to genetically alter compositions of our basic needs, being food and water, and claim it to be in the best interest of our health.

Our bodies were never designed to ingest toxic chemicals whether they come disguised as food in some genetic modification, sprayed on our food, through our personal care and cleaning products or through an array of prescription or over the counter pharmaceuticals.

An overload of these toxins is making us sicker and more reliant on drugs to alleviate those symptoms.  Does that sound like common sense?

Now even if we have been swayed to think twice about that breakfast cereal, laden with hidden sugar and inflammatory gluten, who do we trust with the labelling?

Manufacturers have managed to get around full disclosure of their products by listing them under pseudo names, and sourcing them from unhygienic locations, leaving the consumer further confused.

Another unfortunate dilemma is the state of the Australian Labelling Laws, which is under review but all things take time.  Just because you can get away with it doesn’t make it right.  Loopholes were designed for unscrupulous behaviour and have no place in the safety and health of our families.

What the future does promise is a company that is all about truth, integrity and truth on labelling and I am happy to be a Founding Advocate for this company along with some amazing ambassadors and spokespeople who share the vision that people deserve to lead healthy lives and deserve to know the truth.

I am excited that Pete Evans is a part of this new health movement.  There are many ways we can emancipate ourselves and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming but joining this tribe is a good place to start because we are not only in good company but all the hard work has been done for us in regards to labelling. Click here to see a short video of Pete Evans talking about this

Join our tribe on the Wellness Journey through InnerOrigin. You’ll never look back.  Feel free to browse around the website or join me as my InnerOrigin guest and make up your own mind in seeing firsthand what your future could look like.

The Person who takes Medicine must recover twice, once from the disease, and once from the medicine……William Osler

Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy food…..Hippocrates

Truth, Transparency and Authenticity are not just a collection of New Age buzz words designed to hypnotise or mesmerise us into a new way of being.  It is the language of the soul and when we aren’t living in alignment with our soul, we will experience pain on the physical and emotional level.  Pain is the bodies way of showing misalignment.

Our soul is already perfect but when we introduce toxic thoughts and chemicals into our bodies, it will retaliate and shows its displeasure.  It seeks to return to wholeness before it was subjected to the negative and disempowering plethora of toxins that drain it of its vitality and wellbeing.

From my wholistic standpoint, I have covered many of the physical toxins that rob us of our authentic selves in the forms of foods, cleaning products, personal care products and pharmaceuticals, but I want to dig a little deeper into our truth of thoughts to ourselves.

The body has organs that can flush out and eliminate physical toxins to some degree and that can be easily rectified by making cleaner choices, but what about the lies we tell ourselves that slowly eat away at our soul?  What lie has been holding you back from being YOU?

Accepting situations, relationships, finances, and careers by telling ourselves all sorts of justifications, reasoning, disregarding our souls desires….for what?

To keep peace, to keep face, to settle, to excuse, to justify, to avoid?  All the while a little piece of our light is being dimmed each day, breaking down our body’s immune system and leaving it open for disease.

For too long many of us have believed we aren’t good enough, smart enough, worthy enough, or special enough to ask for more, to be honest with our wants and needs, not daring to dream but mostly being dishonest with ourselves.

Perhaps even being ‘grateful’ for where we are at is a comfortable excuse to never ‘rock the boat’ and expect more for ourselves.  I am all for gratitude but if we are putting on a brave face and faking it, the body will know.  You cannot lie to the soul.

Being honest with ourselves will open the door to being more honest with those around us and that can be very uncomfortable and confronting but necessary for emotional growth.

When we live inside the comfort bubble and do what we have always done, we will get what we have always got.

Being true to ourselves is saying no, when we mean no, and saying yes when we mean yes.  Asking for what we want and to be willing to walk away if our needs cannot be respected or negotiated.

The willingness to let go of what no longer serves us cracks open the wound to allow light to heal it.  Silence and suffering is a slow death sentence to our soul.

In this season of gift giving, perhaps the gift we can give to ourselves is the one of truth, transparency and authenticity, knowing it is the greatest gift we will ever receive.

2016 is known as The Year of Completion.  What are you NOT willing to bring with you into the New Year?

Before the Truth can set us Free, we need to recognise which lie is holding us hostage


There are only two drivers that can motivate or paralyze and that is love and fear.

In any situation that causes us adverse discomfort, there is an opportunity for growth.

Most people when faced with an uncomfortable emotion will make one of three choices or all of them.

  1. BLAME: OURSELVES OR OTHERS can lead to self-loathing and bitterness
  2. WITHDRAWING – can lead to depression and apathy
  3. NUMB AND SUPPRESS – can lead to addictions and health issues.

Within all counselling modalities there is a time to allow a client to vent and then a time to gently steer them towards a solution.

We have become so out of touch with our body’s communication system, physically and emotionally that we run on autopilot and accept physical and emotional discomfort way too readily as the enemy that needs to be silenced, unfortunately often through unhealthy means.

Often retreating seems to be the easiest solution but if we don’t address the underlying feeling it will just show up in another different scenario and obviously it’s more difficult when the person we think is to blame is a family member.  After all, they are our greatest teachers, along with intimate relationships.

So what’s the message?


I saw Oprah live last year and my takeaway message was loud and clear:

The Universe isn’t happening TO you; it’s happening FOR you.

Every wound is an opportunity for growth.

When dirt is thrown on a seedling it finds itself in darkness but it struggles and pushes it way to the surface knowing that the light and sun will nourish and help it to grow.

Everything we do and say is a result of either chasing or retreating from an emotional feeling instead of sitting with it and having patience with ourselves to understand it.

People fear saying I love you, in relationships because it might not be welcomed or returned and there runs a risk of feeling rejected.  Maybe the reluctance in saying it is more about holding back on loving oneself.

The definition of self-love is to offer love with no expectation or disappointment that it will be reciprocated. Withholding our feelings based on another’s response is not being in our truth and makes it conditional.

We fear letting down walls because it makes us vulnerable and open for rejection, abandonment or disappointment which is not normally about the present situation.

The things we are often critical of in others is present in ourselves even on a minor scale.

No matter what someone has done to us, there is always a vibrational match to that energy whether it is to show us of a similar trait, or to emphasize the pattern of that emotion showing up again in our life for healing.

No one is doing anything to us without our permission on some level.

Does the healing ever stop? I think we always have situations that can arise that test that theory and I believe we learn how to handle them using the same formula of owning our feelings to navigate through any future scenarios.

When we first learn to drive a car everything seems very daunting and overwhelming but with time and practice we know that there is always an awareness that we have to be present and alert and may need to self-correct, whether it be to lower speed, adjust steering, turn a corner or stop to refuel.

There are no coincidences, only opportunities and lessons that many people believe are just burdens. When we take full responsibility for our feelings, we are free and less likely to hold grudges, feel resentful, disappointed or angry.

We also need to be mindful that when we stop blaming others we don’t turn that blame onto ourselves.

The beliefs and thoughts may have been age appropriate or served a purpose at the time, so it’s just about challenging and re-framing our thoughts without any blame.

Being honest with ourselves about what we are feeling is just giving us a better insight into how we manoeuvre our way through life with fewer and shorter challenges.

When we are no longer tied up in others approvals and behaviours we are rewarded with higher energy and health.


Getting underneath people’s issues is paramount in wholistic therapy to facilitate healing at the core level.

So often we are only offered relief to treat symptoms without investigating the origin of the pain, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Having an understanding of a wholistic form of therapy leads to an appreciation of respecting each person’s individual journey despite often portraying identical symptoms.

When there is an understanding of energy and frequency and a knowledge and belief that everything, including us, are all made up of energy, we have a broader platform in which to work with to determine root causes of people’s pain.

Depending on our school of thought, some may call this Quantum Physics whilst others more versed in Metaphysics would call some ailments, Past Life memories.

Whatever our beliefs are, the commonality being energy is trapped in our cells from this lifetime, or another or passed down through our ancestors and posing problems for us today.

Many experiments have been conducted showing DNA donor recipients taking on characteristics and patterns from their host donor.  Cell memory remained the same regardless of whether the two had any physical contact.

Similarly, organ recipients have also been known to take on traits of their donors even though many never have any contact or know any personal details of their character.

Renowned microbiologist, Dr Bruce Lipton’s work is the study of epigenetics, meaning that our environment, not our genes control our cells and his work states that we have the ability to turn the DNA in our genes on and off purely through our thoughts and emotions, via the protein surrounding it.

Knowing this, there would have to be an obvious conclusion that alternative therapies that promote mindfulness, meditation, visualisations, positive thinking and brain training, would be highly effective tools to reach that cellular level, opposed to a pharmaceutical that will block the neural pathway, the very thing we are trying to heal.

Teaching mindfulness and meditation and using tools for raising vibration at an early age is not only advantageous for the child of today but for future generations that will no longer carry the burden of their ancestors limiting beliefs that can manifest themselves into disease, bringing it into their own life.

This is long term sustainability to health rather than short term gratification that comes at a hefty price of not only being ineffective but offers many more side effects.

Many believe they have a predetermined destiny of illness, and health issues are based on their genes, but Bruce Lipton believes that our genes are only responsible for our physical appearance and any similar ailments to family are a bi product of our external environment, our lifestyle choices, beliefs and thoughts.

So, if we accept that everything has a frequency and closest to nature being the highest, then it makes sense if we feed our energy grid with only the highest vibrational energy it will align back to its natural homeostasis of self-healing.

The practice of positive thinking, mind teachings, energy alignments and tools of nature of crystals and essential oils, organic food, and chemical free products can only cleanse and restore those energy meridians and align us back to health.

Challenging some of those thoughts and beliefs is a good starting place and despite where those cellular memories originated from, we are the master of our ship and we get to choose what we take to the next level of our journey.

Just like any form of decluttering and detoxing, we are making room for the new when we discard the old.

If it no longer serves us, then let it go.  As a practical exercise, clean out a cupboard, drawer, wardrobe, pantry, fridge or garage and notice the heaviness being lifted.

Time to stop carrying other people’s burdens around and feel our lightness.

Someone may have planted those seeds, physically or cellularly but we are the ones continuing to water them.

The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself…The Challenge is to silence the Mind…..Caroline Myss

With another Mother’s Day behind us, I reflected on the meaning of another commercial holiday to recognise someone who nurtures and cares for us.  There are many definitions of that role.  Mums, step mums, grandmothers, foster mums, pregnant mums, mums to fur babies, animal mums and foster mums to animals.

Like other holiday times, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with family but it shouldn’t be an expectation with added stress and expense.  There are many ways of showing our appreciation, but I don’t believe it should be an obligation.

I think the real meaning behind unconditional love is that there are no rules to it. We appreciate the time we spend but we don’t make demands or burden with guilt trips.

As a mother of two adult children and a grandchild, this is my philosophy about them.  I don’t own them, they are not mine, I have guided them, nurtured them and watched them grow and develop into the adults they were meant to be. I am a part of their world, but not their whole world and I make no demands or expectations of them.

No matter what age we are, it is not our job to make anyone happy so I don’t allow myself to get pulled into a vortex of either expecting it or giving it.

Love isn’t a commodity to be bargained with, kept score or manipulated to make us feel our own worth.  It should be given freely in whatever form we are lucky enough to receive.

As a puppy raiser with the Guide Dogs SA/NT, the most common question I get asked is ‘how could you give them back? I wouldn’t be able to give them back’.

My response has always been that they don’t belong to us and there is a bigger picture at play here.

I have often wondered if people think we are unfeeling to be able to give them back.  I feel the opposite is true.  I feel because we give them unconditional love, and I think I speak for all puppy raisers in saying, that we not only love them like our own pets, but we are committed to their progress to succeed and loving them unconditionally means knowing they are on loan to us to mould, to teach, to give them their first introduction into the world and then let them move onto the next part of their journey.

Instead of grieving about what we don’t have later down the track, I think if we go into it with an attitude of how grateful we are to be part of someone’s better quality of life, I would say that is thanks enough.  To give is to not expect anything in return and still be happy to do it.  In saying that, I think we are very lucky for the experience and the reward we get from the way it opens our hearts.  I guess it comes back to quality over quantity and the gratitude for the moments.

When we take out the thought of WIIFM, (What’s in it for me) it’s really a no brainer, because realistically it’s NOT about us.

I think the ability to let go is a greater gift of love than to try to keep it for ourselves.

Missing the physical presence of someone, human or pet is a natural occurrence. Trying to hold onto it because it relieves a need in us isn’t unconditional love. I believe small children and animals come into this world giving unconditional love, it’s our role to ensure they continue to receive it back.

I believe the biggest lesson I have learnt from being a mother, nana and now a twice time puppy raiser is vulnerability.  The risk of having your heart broken but yet still show up every day for more, because it is worth it.

Society takes a strong stand on the importance of rating Number One.  It can also look like first choice, the favourite, the winner, pick of the litter, premium, elite, or first class.

With the pressure of being in one of these categories, comes with a lot of stress to maintain that status.

Do we put so much emphasis on winning that we have forgotten about more important attributes like respect, fair play, compassion, empathy and teamwork?

There are many arenas where a healthy level of competition is a good benchmark for measuring personal achievement but like many things in today’s society, I believe we are out of balance.

Where does this all derive from? I believe it is a scarcity mentality, driven from a fear that pushes people to act on an individual accomplishment model to receive external accolades.

If we have a belief in scarcity there will never be enough; food, resources, available men or women, business leads, and love to go around, which will cause us to hoard, accept less than, not share our knowledge or promote other people’s businesses and primarily work from a fear based agenda.

It equates to a fear of not enough and not being enough. If we have a belief that we are not enough we will continue to over consume, over spend, over achieve, over eat, or over indulge because there is a void that can’t be satiated by external means.

As a junior sports coach, I place so much emphasis on teaching skills so the kids have a positive experience regardless of the scoreboard.  More importantly, I emphasise that this is a team game and no ONE player carries the team.  Everyone has to play a part for it all to work.

What does it mean to win?  For another party to lose?  What if that party is a loved one?  Is the victory still sweet if your loved one feels like a loser? Was it really worth being ‘right’ to see the defeated face of someone you hold dear?

At the end of the day we all came in the same way and we will all leave the same way and what happens in between is purely our own experience and responsibility without judgement or comparisons to another.

It’s interesting to note that the number ONE is only the next number on from ZERO.  So does this mean you are just a slight step up from nothing or zilch?

Or again, is this just an interpretation?  Having zero money versus zero pain?  It can all be relative to different perspectives.

Being first choice, someone’s number one, the favourite, can certainly cause many rifts in relationships depending on our interpretation of this.  If we have a scarcity mentality, then not being anybody’s number one can feel very isolating.

Acceptance and acknowledgement is the number one need in all human beings and if that is threatened then this basic survival need can feel very overwhelming.

Very few people have escaped the feeling that they are not good enough at some stage of their life.  Some may choose to express it as being an overachiever, whilst others will give into those beliefs and make them a reality.

The bottom line is no one can make us feel that acceptance, nor is it their job. Just as no trophy, gold medal, blue ribbon, diploma, fancy house, car, or makeover can satisfy that need.

Instead of feeling that we have to fight for acceptance and acknowledgment it is worth remembering this quote:

Only love can be divided endlessly and still not diminish

Anne Morrow Lindbergh


This year I have embarked on making changes to my business in a way that felt right for my soul.

I have started an online course with an amazing group of Soulpreneurs and I recently attended a three day, very extensive business conference. It was definitely not the traditional structured marketing, sales, figures hype that has most people doodling or worse still, nodding off.

No prizes for guessing that would not be my preferred environment. Alternatively, I have found people that speak business but in a language that I understand.   Enter the psychology and heart of why we want to become Soulpreneurs, the Entrepreneur with a Soul.

What was obvious in these teachings was that business principles, used ethically and with integrity mirror our personal principles and are in fact, Life Laws and are interconnected.

The recipe is commitment, discipline and opposing limiting beliefs.

One limiting belief that was raised for me was that my previous successful business venture was due to the business skills of my husband and I didn’t put a value on being the heart of that business.  What I was reminded of was that my contribution was actually both, as the heart doubles up as the brain.

Some may be excused for thinking that often businesses have connotations of being greedy, unethical, and the money they generate is evil.

The take away message could be that all types of traditional business tools of marketing and sales, if not applied from a heart centred place, may not be sustainable.

Some businesses may look on the surface to be running financially viable but the health and relationship quadrant of the life of their operators may be running very ineffectively.  At some stage there will be a burnout and a restructure will be inevitable.

In my case I have been all about healthy mind, healthy body, family and community and if someone had tried to mention structure in the form of business planning, my rebel archetype would have dug my heels in so far I could have struck gold.

Finding that balance is the awareness of what areas of your life you thrive in and what areas you are merely surviving and understanding the psychology behind that resistance, reluctance or in some cases, even self-sabotage.

The awareness will then enable us to challenge those beliefs and archetypes who choose to come out and play often causing chaos and confusion. Rather than ostracizing them, we need to make peace with why they are showing up and get them to all play nice.

One of the first principles of wholistic wellness & psychology I learnt was about the pendulum.  Making sure its primary position was to be in the centre so we can maintain balance. An overshot either side can definitely tip us into a highly reactive position where we are at a disadvantage to see all the varying options available to us.

These archetypes are often referred to as our shadow selves and they all have had a purpose and were definitely, at one time, employed by us to do a job.  Like any good employer sometimes we have to re-evaluate job descriptions as our business or life evolves and changes.

The only thing constant is change and we have to be open and willing and flexible enough to take ownership and responsibility of what is working and what is not and make necessary changes.  So am I still talking business principles or personal?   I would say BOTH !

What I realised was my own judgement of many businesses who weren’t (in my opinion) running ethically, and this had become a giant wall (or excuse) that whenever I chose to establish my business further, I would lack motivation, focus and discipline.

Success had to take on a new meaning for me that was not associated with greed, power plays or unethical tactics.

My new definition for success was not based on my fear of being seen as materialistic but the freedom to do what I do best in service whilst still earning a healthy living from it.

No one would benefit if I played the martyr card and no longer could offer my skills, instead earning a wage working for another.

We are all individuals and we have all come here with our unique talents. Playing small serves no one. Live your dream and shine your light.  The world is waiting for you.

There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions in a way that serves the world and you      Richard Branson

A little info about myself for your comfort

I hold a Certificate IV Government Accreditation in Wholistic Wellness and Psychology.

Wholistic Wellness means I treat the person as a whole and seek to determine the root cause of the presenting problem rather than just treat the symptoms.