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Getting underneath people’s issues is paramount in wholistic therapy to facilitate healing at the core level.

So often we are only offered relief to treat symptoms without investigating the origin of the pain, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Having an understanding of a wholistic form of therapy leads to an appreciation of respecting each person’s individual journey despite often portraying identical symptoms.

When there is an understanding of energy and frequency and a knowledge and belief that everything, including us, are all made up of energy, we have a broader platform in which to work with to determine root causes of people’s pain.

Depending on our school of thought, some may call this Quantum Physics whilst others more versed in Metaphysics would call some ailments, Past Life memories.

Whatever our beliefs are, the commonality being energy is trapped in our cells from this lifetime, or another or passed down through our ancestors and posing problems for us today.

Many experiments have been conducted showing DNA donor recipients taking on characteristics and patterns from their host donor.  Cell memory remained the same regardless of whether the two had any physical contact.

Similarly, organ recipients have also been known to take on traits of their donors even though many never have any contact or know any personal details of their character.

Renowned microbiologist, Dr Bruce Lipton’s work is the study of epigenetics, meaning that our environment, not our genes control our cells and his work states that we have the ability to turn the DNA in our genes on and off purely through our thoughts and emotions, via the protein surrounding it.

Knowing this, there would have to be an obvious conclusion that alternative therapies that promote mindfulness, meditation, visualisations, positive thinking and brain training, would be highly effective tools to reach that cellular level, opposed to a pharmaceutical that will block the neural pathway, the very thing we are trying to heal.

Teaching mindfulness and meditation and using tools for raising vibration at an early age is not only advantageous for the child of today but for future generations that will no longer carry the burden of their ancestors limiting beliefs that can manifest themselves into disease, bringing it into their own life.

This is long term sustainability to health rather than short term gratification that comes at a hefty price of not only being ineffective but offers many more side effects.

Many believe they have a predetermined destiny of illness, and health issues are based on their genes, but Bruce Lipton believes that our genes are only responsible for our physical appearance and any similar ailments to family are a bi product of our external environment, our lifestyle choices, beliefs and thoughts.

So, if we accept that everything has a frequency and closest to nature being the highest, then it makes sense if we feed our energy grid with only the highest vibrational energy it will align back to its natural homeostasis of self-healing.

The practice of positive thinking, mind teachings, energy alignments and tools of nature of crystals and essential oils, organic food, and chemical free products can only cleanse and restore those energy meridians and align us back to health.

Challenging some of those thoughts and beliefs is a good starting place and despite where those cellular memories originated from, we are the master of our ship and we get to choose what we take to the next level of our journey.

Just like any form of decluttering and detoxing, we are making room for the new when we discard the old.

If it no longer serves us, then let it go.  As a practical exercise, clean out a cupboard, drawer, wardrobe, pantry, fridge or garage and notice the heaviness being lifted.

Time to stop carrying other people’s burdens around and feel our lightness.

Someone may have planted those seeds, physically or cellularly but we are the ones continuing to water them.

The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself…The Challenge is to silence the Mind…..Caroline Myss


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