Treasure Quest


 We are all on a quest, a journey to find the ultimate prize.  Is it fame, fortune, status, beauty?

No, it’s peace, inner peace and a sense of acceptance and love.

This sounds simple but it eludes most of us for a good part of our lives until we realize that we held the key to this treasure all along.

The reason why we never knew we had it already is because it has been buried under a lifetime of negative beliefs and self talk.

These beliefs have been planted there by events that have happened to us but we are the ones that have kept them alive whilst slowly killing our self worth.

We all think that the new car, house, job, partner or body will ultimately make us happy.

Unfortunately this is a very short term bandaid. What we are really craving is our own self love and self worth.

In these times there has been much suffering and abuse at the hands of others but whilst the abuse may have stopped, we take over for our abusers by not challenging those feelings of unworthiness they have implanted.

We may not have had the strength or courage to stand up to our abusers then but don’t let them have one more day of our power and energy by continuing to believe their lies.

Our personal quest will be an adventure, both thrilling and scary, exhilarating and fulfilling. This is not to minimize our pain just the power we give it.

Our perception of the events can greatly affect our recovery and ability to move forward.

When we take responsibility for our own emotions and realize they are not the enemy but use them as an opportunity to unlock the key to our self defeating patterns, the happier and more at peace we will be.

In time, hopefully we may even recognize that the person, and most probably more than one in our lifetime, has only pushed a wound that was already open.

Our job is to trace that wound back to its root origin so it doesn’t keep returning and heal it from there.

If we do not heal this wound it will continue to rise up. The circumstances will be different, the players in the scenario will be different, but the one thing in common they will have is the same emotion we attach to it.

Liken it to gardening, if we pull out the tops of the weeds and leave the bulbs they will keep returning.

To mask these emotions rising up again and again, many of us will try to suppress them by turning to addictive behaviours in one form or another.

Hence, enter the workaholic, shopaholic, alcoholic, gym junkie, and numerous others that I am sure we know all too well.  Comfort food, smoking, drugs, sex, television, being online, to name but a few.

We are the common denominator in our life story and these people and circumstances are just catalysts to give us yet another opportunity to heal an old wound.

Eventually, we may even be able to thank all these events and people that have caused us anguish over the years and see the circumstances as a GIFT.

People come into our lives to teach us, about US.

Through these events there may have been a lot of positives that we have gained. The most likely being, higher levels of compassion, empathy, and an acute awareness of our own behaviour onto others.

My hope for all people who have been subjected to abuse is that we still have enough strength and self worth to fight one more battle.

To realize we are not victims but just the leading role in a play.  All the clues are there when we step outside our story and choose to learn what the message behind the story truly is.

Push through all our negative beliefs and fears and find our true treasure and key to freedom.

Be our own therapist and treasure hunter and set ourselves free.

Join me on the Quest of a lifetime, OURS.


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