Time to Change


I wrote this article in 2009 when the talk of the world ending December 21st, 2012.  People were not ready for this ascension at this time so December 21st 2014 became the new date for ascension.

With all the talk of 2012 and the impact thereof I thought it might be a good opportunity to dispel some of the ‘Hollywood’ myths of this.

2012 is a time of change, a reversal if you like of the old way of thinking.  Time to start to THINK with our HEARTS and FEEL with our HEADS.  A time for working on the internal first so the external just manifests naturally. 

It’s not about pushing, struggling, striving, climbing up or over. Some believe that we need to push to make things happen. That is a lack of trust, faith and patience. No decision should be made based on fear. A fear of lack, a fear of nothing better on offer or a missed opportunity never to come around again, will only lead us to further confusion and poor choices.

It’s just about being present, being aware of our surroundings and taking responsibility for our own emotions. This internal presence will bring about the change we are all searching for. The silence and the stillness of our peaceful minds will speak loudly and produce the signposts to the next steps of our goals, and they will be peaceful, without the clutter and anxiety of having to ‘DO’ instead of just ‘BE’.

If we can implement this into our everyday lives along with TRUST, FAITH and PATIENCE everything we desire can manifest into reality. This is not about inertia or wishful thinking, It’s when we no longer struggle our insight becomes our 20/20 vision into our future and our world become synchronized.

Speaking of synchronized, it has been brought to my attention, more and more of late, that many people are experiencing seeing the figures of 11.11 on their digital readouts of microwaves, mobile phones and car clocks.

This is also about those who are working at synchronizing their lives are witnessing this occurrence more and more frequently. For more information on 11.11


I hope in some small way people can start to make a shift in their way of thinking to implement some of these new strategies because it has never been more important for a change as it is now.

The world does need to end but not as the box office would portray, just an end to a societal shift of the world as we now know it

Life is like quicksand, the more we struggle the faster we sink


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