Think with your Heart


When you come from a heart space everything else falls into place

We are all familiar with the terms ‘think with your heart’ or ‘follow your heart’ and many would think this to be some new age terminology or romantic trifling.

More and more scientists are providing evidence to show how mechanism works to prove what the ancients and indigenous cultures have known before time.  The HEART is the master organ and it is the intelligence of our body.

All spiritual groups with many varying principles all have one common theme, that is, they communicate through their hearts, not their minds.

In the 17th century when there were more scientific tools, the heart got bumped off its post and was relegated to a mechanical blood pump and the brain got top billing. By the 1990’s more discoveries uncovered that the brain had its own intrinsic nervous system, like a small brain in the heart. Neurons in the heart can sense, feel and remember.

Heart Intelligence relates to intuition and when measured, the heart is 5000 times more magnetic than the brain and its energy field reaches out to around four feet (1.2metres) compared to the brain of around 1 inch (2.5cm). Interestingly enough it is the first organ developed in a foetus.

What is the universal force that holds the Universe together? Compassion, and that comes from a heart space.

How does this information help us in our everyday lives? From all the therapies I have encountered and using myself as the guinea pig, the most common trap when we can fall into is over doing the cognitive therapy. We can get stuck in our heads and overanalyse everything, fry our brains and go around in circles. Sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not putting down cognitive therapy by any means, god knows I have done countless courses on psychology and have a massive library but I learnt that I couldn’t do it all from my mind, there had to be a combination.

We all need a starting point when we go on any self discovery journey and it often starts in the mind but what I know now from my own journey and work with clients, is that all levels of healing, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bring about lasting deeper change. Emotions are energy and it can get trapped in our cellular memory from the time of conception. Without the capacity to rationalise or analyse our thoughts as a foetus, it’s only fair to say we would be struggling to ever uncover those emotions on a conscious level.

This weekend was my birthday, and it was fantastic but that wasn’t always the case. Birthdays, for some, can often be a mixed bag of emotions, and I was no exception. Some of the reasons for this can be our births were unplanned, unwanted, wrong sex, financial burden, kept parents tied together and birth traumas. It’s no wonder we all struggle with unconditional love for self. Our birth, from conception, can leave lasting memories on a cellular level that cognitive therapies would struggle to reach, let alone resolve.

That is why I believe energy work can be so beneficial because it can bring about shifts, so for those of us who like to know the answers, it can often rise to the top for cognitive understanding.

I drove my hypnotherapy tutor mad as I always wanted to know the ‘whys’ instead of just allowing the healing to occur naturally. The trouble with that is that when we poke too much consciously the further down it seems to drive the answers, because they are emotional and emotions don’t have to be rational or logical….they just are. It’s another reason why I love working with animals, they just allow healing to occur and don’t get in their own way.

I slept walked through a lot of my life until I decided to have an affair. That affair was with ME. The reason I call it an affair because I had to do a lot of sneaking around to hide the type of books I was reading and courses I was doing because the type of emancipation I was heading toward would have rocked the foundation of my then, husbands security.

My journey was of trial and error but I knew I wanted to be able to pass on those life experiences to others and help them join the dots a lot faster than I did. Wholistic healing just makes sense to me.

We are not our minds or our bodies but as souls we can heal as a whole. The leap of faith ride can be a bigger rush than anything our mind can conjure.

Our minds are more like Google, its global, not personal and generic. Heart Google is ours exclusively, only we have the password. We are unique and worth the personal touch.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results, then perhaps its time to change strategies.

It would be remiss to think that our personal healing journey isn’t a worthwhile exercise or that it isn’t a form of contribution to humanity. We don’t have to be writers, therapists, or healers to make a difference in the world. We all influence someone in our lives, our biggest being our children, and what better way to start a new generation of healthy positive role models than to become one.

I like this quote from William Shakespeare: The Meaning of Life is to find your Gift. The Purpose of Life is to give it away.


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