Spring Clean Our Thoughts



We all know the benefits of getting healthy.  Good food, exercise, plenty of sleep, but how many of us really work on clearing up our old self defeating habits of our mind that appear to be running the whole show?

If we leave leftovers in the fridge and continue to put things in front of them, they will not disappear.  Maybe change colour and grow mould, but nonetheless will still be there waiting for us to address and take the appropriate action.

Similarly, our old thoughts and beliefs, left unattended, are still inside us, gathering mould and festering, causing us to repeat old patterns and self sabotage.

A popular misconception is that time is a healer. Unfortunately the pain may appear to fade overtime, but it does not heal. A clear indication of this is when our emotions get triggered by an event that may seem (especially to the outsiders looking in), as, not only disportionate of the situation but the intensity way out of balance. I am sure that many of us have had this experience, or would perhaps rather forget !

These are the indicators that something is unhealed. People can only push our buttons if they are unhealed and raw.

So, what to do about it.  FIRSTLY, be self aware. Meaning, know when we are getting a charge around something and acknowledge it.

SECONDLY, take responsibility for our own emotions.  No one can make us feel anything.

THIRDLY, do not be upset by these outbursts of emotions. Welcome them, they are the calling cards for us to finally understand and heal them so they won’t keep presenting themselves, often in inappropriate situations. We can ask ourselves some questions when these emotions occur.

When have I felt this before?

What do I need to learn from this?

What do I believe about this situation?

Where did this belief come from?

The best way is to write these questions and the corresponding answers down. Surprisingly enough all these answers are already in our subconscious and by writing it down a pattern may start to emerge.

We are all capable of being our own analyst by taking a little time to nurture our emotional body.

Spring is here, so isn’t time for some spring cleaning of our hearts and minds? Clear out the clutter of old beliefs?

We attract to our lives the people that will most teach us about ourselves.



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