Returning to Oneness


Many are feeling a huge rift happening like a giant chasm splitting the earth in two.  This ‘separation’ is the disconnection we feel from others and the emptiness that weighs in our hearts.  There is an appearance of an US and THEM mentality of so many organised establishments.  Many of our institutions, which ironically is the name given to those who were incarcerated for being insane, are operating from a very base model that doesn’t allow for growth and freedom but rather control and stagnation.

Our education, legal and health system and many religious groups are still operating from an old out dated system that is keeping many confused, sick, disillusioned and struggling to maintain self worth.  None of these institutions are wrong; they are just too restrictive for growth and limit our divine capabilities.

When we are offered opportunities for a broader scope to view our life, as individuals we have the ability to seize it as a gift to ourselves or at the very least entertain the alternatives.

Many of us have been programmed with so many indoctrinated beliefs that the mere thought of change instils a fear in us that can feel life threatening.

We have new ideas presented to us every day about our food supplies and our emotions contributing to chronic illnesses, how pharmaceuticals can be more hazardous than helpful, and that we are more powerful and deserving than we could ever imagine.

So why is it that so many people refuse these ‘gifts’ only to remain stuck in their beliefs of the medical, pharmaceutical and fear based religious models?

Perhaps it is our light that is more fearful. Keep ourselves small and go with the masses. Perhaps that is why I have such a passion for the Indigos and their counterparts of autistic, and aspergers.  They are fearless and non conforming. How refreshing to see them be comfortable without any social masks.  Richard Branson quotes: You dont have to learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.

Whilst I am not encouraging anyone to adopt the traits of the radical warrior indigo, making a slight deviation off our current course may be the beginning of a new journey.

 For my own personal journey, I attempted to study traditional counselling and psychology but found it too restrictive, too many rules and not enough flexibility to address everyone as an individual.  We are not a one size fits all species. Wholistic counselling and psychology gave me the freedom to address clients as individuals.

It may seem like an oxymoron to speak of finding your individual authentic self when speaking of Oneness.  Some may have even been programmed to believe that working on ourselves is selfish, but I believe in finding our unique gift and individuality is to become whole which reconnects us back to the Oneness.

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