Releasing the Ego


From today we have a New Moon, Equinox and Solar Eclipse happening.  If anyone was unsure of how connected we are to the earth and how its changes affect us, this will confirm those thoughts.

Just when you thought you had heard enough about ascension, peeling back our layers for our own betterment, earth consciousness, and hanging in there for the good times that are about to follow, our faith can understandably start to dwindle when we yet again can be thrown another ‘curve ball’ of further challenges in the form of physical health, financial blows, or major life changes.

The world is not conspiring against you, it is the earth’s growth and we, as part of the earth’s consciousness, are feeling those changes too.  It is often through our darkest hours that true strength and illumination can be felt, but most humans would not consciously choose these harsh times, and for good reason often will fight against them and fall prey to a lower vibration of feeling victimised.

Even having an understanding of the earth’s consciousness of moving from a state of 3D to 5D and going through its normal 5,000 year cycle of change, many are struggling to hang onto the hope that this is all happening exactly as it should.

Unlike the other cyclic World Ages of the Ice Age, Stone Age, Bronze Age and Dark Ages, where mankind had to be reborn for the earth to be cleansed, in this Age we are living through it and at times it can appear very unsettling and very dark.  Our ancestors knew that the close of one world age was the beginning of another.  This is the Cycle of Life.

It is interesting to note that the only things that are breaking down are those not sustainable to the Earths future and Earth is not the only planet experiencing changes, many other planets are too.

As the earth’s consciousness is rising to a higher vibration for its own evolution, we as humans are going through the same metamorphous.

Similarly, the birth from caterpillar to butterfly, or our own birth, there is an element of discomfort, uncertainty, pain, apprehension and a terrifying fear of the unknown.  As the saying goes, it’s always darkest before the dawn, the same applies to our own rebirthing. If we can relax, struggle less, offer less resistance, and believe we are safe and protected throughout this process, we will triumph.  This is our Death of the Ego, often referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul.

It is only when we allow fear to creep in and the thoughts of our ego to take centre stage that we will fall victim to these thoughts.

Our ego is our personality, it’s the crust of us that has been formed from our experiences, our belief system that may have been heavily influenced by parents, teachers, bosses and partners.  It is our outer shell but it is not a true representation of our souls.

How would we know if we are operating from our ego self?

Everyone has an ego personality, it is what makes us human but the challenge is to not be ruled by it and remember where our truth lies, in our soul. The ego will strive to maintain the illusion of separation, a distinction between outside and inside, us and them mentality.

It will show itself as prejudices, habits, addictions, blame, fears, judgements and guilt.

It will project our fears onto the people closest to us, it will mirror others behaviours back to us that we may not recognise as our own, and it will blame others for our lives or make us believe we have to carry the burden of guilt.

Guilt is an emotion that keeps us trapped and stagnant, not to be confused with taking responsibility for our behaviours.  Blame is the flipside of responsibility that keeps us in ego state.

It will judge others to deflect looking at ourselves and healing the wounds of the past.

Our journey is from the head to the heart and when we are in judgement we cannot move toward love.

It will show us anger, resentment, and unforgiveness.

Another clue that we are living in the ego is when we don’t stay in the present.  Ego cannot live in the present.  It will prey on insecurities about your past and install fear about your future.  It has no power in the present.

It can be relentless and distort the truth. It is trying to survive so will stop at nothing to achieve this.

If we are unaware of these ways of the ego we can succumb to its taunting and find ourselves in a place of darkness and despair that can spiral to the point of desperation and depression.

My hope is that someone will read this and see themselves in these words and know that they are not mentally unbalanced or cursed or lost.  We are simply going through our birth canal and our only choice is to keep going.  To stop reacting to the ego and allow our natural form of creating instead.

Acceptance, surrender, faith, trust, compassion, empathy and love are the words of the soul.

There is no coming into consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. Carl Jung

What feels like a breakdown is actually a breakthrough

We lose in order to find

We forget in order to remember

We die a death in the ego in order to be reborn

We are Human Angels

Happy Birthday everyone !


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