Raising our Vibration and Level of Consciousness


In 2012 I was on an overseas cruise to the beautiful South Pacific with Hay House and had the amazing experience of being part of a seminar with some great speakers and writers that were not only inspirational but offered freely the benefit of their life experiences so that other would be writers and healers could pass on their wisdom to their peers.

Although primarily the cruise was concerning the aspects of publishing, book proposals and growing our platform, the loving and generous spirit of Louise Hay was ever present through her authors and heads of business.

The theme of the seminar was Movers and Shakers but every aspect of that journey was all shown through the highest integrity and intention of service.

There were many reinforced messages throughout these two weeks floating on the beautiful blue seas of the South Pacific.

One being that although we were all from different walks of life and different countries, the commonality was the feeling of oneness between us all, whether it be our like-minded visions for the future or for the mere fact we were all souls having this human experience and sharing a common goal.

Given the fact that we were a captive audience on this cruise ship enabled there to be many opportunities to have countless conversations and experiences with this select group of people.

Whether it was the fact that we were often isolated in a controlled environment on the high seas, or we were with many people who shared a vision, or the vastness and mysterious nature of the ocean and being surrounded by that force, or a combination of all three, led to a gamut of emotions for many people over the next couple of weeks that proved to be both synchronistic and divine.

Water is emotion, being the reason we often scramble to be near the river, sea or waterfalls. Considering 70 -75% of our body weight is made up of water; it is no surprise why it has such a major impact on our ability to get ourselves into an altered state of consciousness just by being in its presence.

It flows and breathes and reminds us that we also need to be fluent and allow our thoughts and feelings to flow through us rather than restrict their flow by resistance, thus causing blockages in our system that can result in emotional and physical distress.

One of the exciting things for me to come out of this cruise was a confirmation that there are no coincidences and we will attract into our lives just the right person that we need for our next level of growth. Sometimes it can be a comment from a passing stranger, a television program that appears to be imitating our life, or in my case, a roommate from overseas that shared so many of my personal experiences that we bonded and probably helped each other pass through another level of healing.

When we open our hearts and minds to trying new things and stepping outside our comfort zone we are always pleasantly surprised at what the universe can serve up to us in the way of growth.

Staying stagnant and never challenging ourselves leads to our life force draining out of us.  If we allow our lives to become too safe we often lose our zest for life and all too often sickness and apathy can result.

That’s not to say we need our lives to look like something right out of a soap opera either. It is about a healthy balance of continual growth and optimistic and realistic awareness of what is and isn’t working in our lives.

Awareness is being fully present everyday on how we are feeling, what buttons are being pushed and taking full responsibility for those emotions and the interpretations that we place on them.

How do we keep ourselves on track with our highest good and live in this state of integrity? To achieve this on a more consistent level we need to be aware of how to raise our vibration and level of consciousness.

There are many ways to raise our level of vibration that are quick and simple and with practice will become second nature.

We don’t have to meditate on a mountain top for six months to achieve this. It can be as simple as playing self development CD’s in the car, singing, playing upbeat music, exercise, dancing, good feeling movies, inspirational DVD’s, taking a class that interests us, being in nature, vision boards, a gratitude journal, fresh life force food, meditating, patting our pet, deep breathing. Being mindful of the words we are using, spending more time with high vibrational people and reading.

These may seem pretty obvious ones that we have heard before but when we do anything that makes us FEEL good consistently its like depositing in our SELF bank. The balance grows and earns interest so that when something challenging does occur in our lives we are better prepared for that rainy day when we have a little something put away.

I would like to finish with a few more challenging ones that I would like you to consider that will not only raise our vibration considerably but others around us. We would not only be helping ourselves but others too as raising our vibration will have a significant effect on the people in our lives.

Learn to say NO

Forgive someone

Forgive yourself

Tell yourself that you love you (In a Mirror)

Do a random act of kindness for a stranger

Have an Energy Alignment or Chakra Balancing

Allow, Surrender Accept without resistance

Make choices from a Heart Space rather than a Head Space.

Do what you have always done and you will get what you have always got.

Be the change that you want to happen


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