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With the new decade now upon us, what better time to clean up our thoughts, clear up some old past baggage we have been harbouring and manifest the new desires we have yearned for.

A Blue moon is the occurrence of two full moons in one calendar month.  The term was given because of the phrase, Once in a Blue Moon, being the reference that this is not the norm.

new moon is thought to have been the time to manifest our desires into our lives whilst the full moon was the ideal time to release any unwanted beliefs, grudges, and thoughts that we believed no longer served us.

The blue moon was a perfect opportunity to harness the magnificent energy of this as a symbolic tool to bring both manifestation and releasing into the same ritual.

It was suggested to me that a template of a circle drawn on a piece of paper with all that you are wanting to release from your life on the outside of the circle, whilst all your desires for yourself, family, loved ones and the planet to be written on the inside of the circle. Then to burn this paper and the ashes of our written word will be sent to the universe.  Perhaps a bit like the Santa wish list but a little more thought provoking.

Now if we were unaware of the blue moon and its power and think that we have a missed an opportunity, do not despair.

Whether or not you use the moon or crystals or prayer or meditation as a tool to bring about change in our life, the real power that allows these changes to occur is our own thoughts and beliefs that we have 24/7 access to.

Just as some people resonate with audio, visual, kinaesthetic or a mixture of all, some people need to have their rituals to ‘seal the deal’, so to speak

There is no doubt that the moon can have an effect on people, we only have to check in with proprietors of late night trading and the police to confirm that.

It can also be very calming and soothing to some people, whilst others will attest to lack of sleep even though they have been unaware of the moons status.

What I am saying is the biggest tool you have in our bag of tricks for a life you desire is our own thoughts.

Many books are available now referencing this.  The likes of The Secret and Law of Attraction have many wonderful and thought provoking theories that are definitely worth exploring.

When we can at least entertain the idea of how powerful our minds are, we can truly tap into our own power. We all know the power of placebos and we have probably all experienced having a bad day and the more we talked about it to others the worse it got.

Our thoughts grow momentum when they are given attention, so the old saying of be careful what you wish for becomes a force to be reckoned with. So if our thoughts can manifest reality, now would be an ideal time to check what we are really saying to ourself and our family and associates on a daily basis and try to attain whether or not our life is taking a positive or negative turn because of these thoughts and beliefs.

We always have choice in our thoughts, no one can ever take that away from us. Victor Frankl was a perfect example of someone being in a Nazi concentration camp and refusing to be broken spiritually purely because he believed wholeheartedly that he could change his demeanour by changing his thoughts regardless of the reality.

Now this may seem to some as being a “Pollyanna” but the changing of thoughts brings relief, and in that relief you will find solutions and answers that otherwise could not have come forth whilst you were so connected to our drama.

Next time we are caught up in our cycle of negativity, step back outside the circle and just breathe long enough to have a different thought around the subject. It may not bring us instant results but it can bring us instant relief and in that relief we will find some peace.

So whether we wait for another moon cycle or we just wish to practice the art of manifesting and releasing purely by monitoring our own thoughts, I know that we will be happier and healthier from the inside out.

If you believe you can do a thing, or if you believe you cannot; In either case, you are right. Henry Ford


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