Our Ascension Part 2


Article from Innerself Magazine January 2013

Welcome to the New Year and New Earth of 2013.

The prelude to this year wasn’t without its share of physical and emotional shifts, global shifts, shifts in consciousness and fatigue of just being on this earth’s lower vibration.

The cloak of our past has weighed heavy on our souls but we should be starting to feel some relief now from the burden of not being our authentic selves. For to live in our light bodies is a yearning we have all been eagerly awaiting.

It has been said:  The War is Over, The Battle Won and LOVE was the victor

Interesting how we use the terminology of : ‘War on Cancer’ and ‘Fight for a Cure’ and that we believe going to war will stop people killing each other. Maybe now we can replace the words, battle, struggle, fight, war and control with negotiate, challenge, compromise, peace and surrender, starting with our own internal challenges.

Over the last few months especially, we have experienced solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, and super moons, so it’s no wonder our bodies have gone through an emotional detoxification.

Solar activity is a catalyst for evolutionary process as it changes matter, energy and consciousness.

We are all aware of the Galactic Alignment with the Earth and the core of the Milky Way that occurred but what did it really mean to us?

Solar flares affect our central nervous system causing us to become nervous, lethargic, anxious, worry, memory loss, trouble with communication, headaches and irritability.

Solar activity then comes in to illuminate consciousness by opening our new neural pathways and old patterns are virtually consumed by the light.

As the Earth goes through this ascension to a higher vibration from 3rd Dimensional to 5, so did we. This means what was previously called our junk DNA  by scientists is now being activated and available to us.

This is where we access ESP, the ability to see auras, enhanced intuition, more inner peace, more synchronicities and deeper connectedness to the Earth and all its creatures.

With this 12Strand DNA now being activated the energy rises and purifies each chakra, releasing energy blocks, hence our erratic mood swings. This is called Kundalini energy, often referred to as Kundalini Rising as it lies dormant as the base of our spine like a snake coiled until it is time for each chakra to be cleansed and awakened.

So with all this activity going on, especially in the latter half of the year we could be excused for believing the world was going a little mad, border lining between extreme highs and lows.

The new energy is going to mean different things to different people but the overall message is that our Heart Chakra energy is opening up and changes are inevitable. The level of change will be very individual.

Some of us will follow these new instincts and others will continue to resist.

Some signs that we are on the ascension path will be that we can observe our own behaviours and are more likely to be able to self correct; we are following our instincts more and thinking with our hearts rather than our brain.

We will be more interested in spiritual practices ranging from meditation, energy healings, and spiritual workshops or just getting closer to nature. This is our natural state to be a ‘feeling’ being, rather than a ‘thinking’ being.

When we are not caught up in the material world and worrying about keeping up with a non-existent society and its rules, we will automatically default back to what feels natural and right for us.

It’s no surprise that so many people flock to the ocean, lakes and nature for their vacations. It’s our natural state of energizing ourselves.

We will also be drawn to keeping that state of vibrational elevation by choosing non toxic cleaning products, organic foods and toxic free relationships.

Our curiosity for understanding our patterns and limiting beliefs will also be a symptom that we are truly coming into an age of ascension where the Heart is the Master Organ and fear no longer has the power over us.

The most important part of learning to ride the rollercoaster of change is to surrender to the different stages of emotions and allow them to pass through rather than cause them to get stuck in our bodies by resisting.

The message for this new energy comes back to the fact that underneath all our habits, beliefs, fears, theories and emotional baggage, we are all interconnected, interrelated and interdependent.

The Heart being the Master Organ means it is Number One. It’s all about the Oneness.

What affects one, affects all. The Awakening has the scales tipped in the favour of humanity.

We all now want the same thing. Peace and Humanity will become our Life Purpose.

I believe that people’s obsession with acquiring ‘things’ is our actual craving for human touch.

The touch of a hand, hug, and hand on the shoulder is part of reclaiming our oneness. It is why there are so many people out there ‘looking for love’. They are just looking to reclaim that love inside that has been buried under the veil of the lower vibration energy.

We all have the inner knowledge that we are all connected, people, animals, plants and the earth. It is no longer Us or Them…we are all in this together.

We have resisted feeling or showing love in fear that it may be rejected or unrequited.

Love is in abundance now.  It is the only thing we don’t need to be frugal with.

Love is the only thing that the more we give away, the more we receive.

There is no longer a need to protect ourselves.





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