Our Ascension Part 1


Article from Innerself Magazine September 2012

This article may appear to some as a little deeper than previous but I believe the timing is right. Even if the words don’t quite resonate yet, please be aware of an inner knowing that, on some level, you already know this to be true.

Our Ascension is imminent but the speed at which we arrive is individual. The real goal is to move forward at whatever pace you are comfortable with. There is no gold medal involved for the quickest time. There is however, a prize and that prize is Freedom.

We don’t acquire Freedom; it’s not something that is handed over to us like a Key to the City.  When we have the knowledge of The Truth,of who we really are, the bars disappear and we realise that we were our own jailers.

Now before we go beating ourselves up, remember we have been conditioned to believe in systems. The legal, the government, the education and the medical. We needed these to keep order and conformity and structure….or so we thought. It’s no surprise that these are the very things that Indigos rebel against and they are our evolution.

I think a lot of people are awakening and are feeling that these systems are keeping us stuck, literally, in fear, like we have lead weights on our ankles.  We know we can fly but we’ve forgotten how.  We needed guidance and to believe in something because we have forgotten our own majestic ability.  We have had amnesia of our own magnificence and that we are all one.

So how do we know if we are ascending and heading in the right direction and what should we expect?

We will all go through a transformation of many aspects of our lives.  Remember we are never given more than we can handle, so please do not worry, just go with the flow.  Some of the changes may be subtle and others may seemingly ‘knock you for six’ 

Some symptoms of ascension can be changes in sleep patterns, energy levels ranging from high to low, waves of emotion, not depictive of hormones, tingling of the crown and spine as our vibration changes frequency and power surges of heat and cold.

We may find that many relationships will change.  We will move closer to those of similar frequency to ours and be repelled by someone of lower frequency.

Our challenge is not to judge others by where they are on their path, remembering we are all going through our own journey.

We need to be respectful of this but we also need to be honest with ourselves and them when we no longer wish to continue with these relationships.  This can often be one of the hardest parts of the transformation process, but remember the best way to teach is to lead by example.

As we are gong through these relationship changes do not be surprised by a sudden reappearance of an old beau or person from your past.  These people can resurface merely because there are ‘loose‘ ends that need tidying up emotionally.

We cannot transcend while we are still carrying old baggage from our past.

Another change is an amplification of our senses.  It is a normal occurrence to see glittering lights and shimmers, not unlike that of a heat haze. Our hearing can sometimes be magnified or experience ringing and as again with Indigos, often have trouble understanding instructions, a form of audio dyslexia .

It is also not uncommon as we are going through our emotional cleanup that we can experience physical ailments of cold and flu symptoms, skin outbreaks in the form of rashes, dermatitis, acne or shingles. It is just when the emotions are released, so are toxins that can erupt through our skin. On the up side, the less we resist these emotions and acknowledge the message, the quicker they will pass and we will physically look younger.

Another significant change that may occur is changes in food choices and food intolerances which subsequently can result in altered body shape. Many people when raising their vibration no longer vibrate to lower energy foods and chemicals whether from ingesting or using in their personal and home care.

After our physical transformation we are in a better position to extend that out to the earth, and animals and may well be on a path of our life purpose. No longer will there be tolerance for cruelty, greed, and environmental abuse.

Integrity will no longer let you turn a blind eye.

We will fight for causes, speak up for the underdog and rally to save our precious resources and wildlife.

I have stood on the steps of Parliament House with my daughter  to demonstrate against the Japanese fisherman in Taiji to stop the slaughter of the dolphins in The Cove and also Ban Live Export.

We need to ask ourselves what we are passionate about and don’t ever think that our one voice won’t make a difference.

This is not intended for anyone to make changes based on guilt because then it would be for all the wrong reasons.  Fear again would be the ‘Stick’.

I will always stand by my motto of only doing things when they FEEL right …not what we THINK is right.

Wherever we are on our ascension journey just know that we are exactly where we need to be.

Nothing in life is to be feared…It is only to be understood.

Now is the time to understand more and fear less

Marie Curie


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