Leap of Faith


I have recently been reminded about following my heart and taking the proverbial ‘leap of faith’.

How many of us are following our hearts or worse yet, compromising our integrity in the process? The first step in reclaiming back our integrity is being honest with ourselves and rethinking what is really important to us.

We need to ask ourselves is the job, relationship or material possessions a step towards our dreams or a step further away?  This is the best time to take awareness and brutal honesty to a new level.  Are the choices we are making on a daily basis contributing or contaminating our hearts desires?

When we are honest with ourselves the true reason for being exactly where we are is painfully blatant of just how far off track we have gone.  It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed and trapped by life and no amount of ‘things‘ can make us feel whole.

Two primary examples of this are the career choices we make and the relationships we choose.  Let’s start with our jobs first. How many of us are working to live and not enjoying it? If we were offered another job that paid less, but it was something we could get passionate about, what would we do?

I would like to think the universe rewards us for following our hearts and when our hearts are open the prospects of abundance are endless. Hence, the lesser paid job could result in more than monetary rewards that superceded the previous job.

All that Glitters is not Gold !!

Secondly, and this applies mainly to all the single people out there looking for love.

We all have lists, goals, expectations, standards, wants and wishes for a relationship, but these are often so inflexible and rigid there is no room either side of them for any compromise.

I am not suggesting anyone compromise their integrity. I am talking about getting out of our heads of the societal standards that have been put in place, that are restricting us from having the real things we want. Surprisingly, it may not be what we first thought we wanted.

Most times we will not follow our hearts because we rationalize all the reasons not to, hence begins the battle of heart versus head.

When we follow our hearts instead of our heads we won’t have the ten point checklist and only interview the people with the best resume.  People aren’t the sum of a checklist.  A relationship is a culmination of both people’s experiences and what they can bring to the table for each persons learning experience.

Again, this has been pointed out to me recently by a dear friend who I am very grateful for their wisdom. For those movie buffs there was also a message in the movie “The Ugly Truth” where this was depicted beautifully.

It has recently occurred to me that when we come from a place of decision only using our head as the source, why it is so confusing.

The brain is like a ‘google‘ search engine.  Every piece of information we have ever encountered, through books, television, friends or strangers, and of course our own life experiences, has been downloaded there.  With so much information and different perspectives, no wonder we struggle to make a decision.

I would suggest that all this information can be weighed up, but the ultimate decision of what is right for our life is our own private exclusive google search engine; that being our heart.

If we are not getting clear messages from our heart, then it would suggest to me that there are limiting beliefs that need to be addressed.

By that I mean there have been events in our life that we have put labels on that may now be out-dated and not serving us well.

Our heart was never meant to be caged.  It was always meant to be free.  The voice of the heart is pure, uncensored and above all, the truth.

When we hear the words of love from our heart it will be the gift we give ourselves.

With another Christmas over and debts and anxiety again rising, please spare a moment to think of the gifts we really have to offer to others.

Our compassion, tolerance, words of wisdom, and time are the real gifts that actually grow in momentum when given. Bears thinking about opposed to maxxing out the credit card !

When we quieten the voices in our head, the ones in our heart will be the only voice we hear.  Once we take the ‘leap of faith’,we will be lining up again and again to take that ride.  The adrenalin rush far outweighs any theme park ride. 

As long as our thoughts and actions are in alignment with our true self, happiness, health and abundance is inevitable.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart

Helen Keller


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