Knowing Faith


A while ago I wrote an article on Faith and Trust that carried all the practical steps to achieving goals.

But what is Faith? Faith is a knowing. It is a drive or dream that won’t let go even when all evidence can show to the contrary.

The movie Serendipity is an example of that blind faith and not letting go of a feeling.

It is the voice that says ‘trust me’ when other parts of us are dying to run back to the safety net of logic.

It is having the integrity to honour our soul and not allow the personality/ego to drown it out.

We can easily be seduced into feeling it is safer to follow the masses, because at least you have company, but have you ever been in a crowded room and even though the faces are all friendly you still feel that you don’t belong?

At this point in time the Universe is pushing us towards our Life Purpose and that life purpose has to begin with us walking our talk, without fear of humiliation, rejection, retribution, scolding, shame or ridicule.

We should never give up on our dream because it’s ours, no one else is expected to feel the depths of it. Nor should we allow logic to put out those flames of desire and passion.

Even those that love us will often feel they are protecting us by being the voice of reasoning which is why we should be discerning of whom we share our dreams with.

We will have moments of feeling frustrated and the urge to vent will become high but that pressure can be relieved by journaling those frustrations without the repercussion of engaging into face to face encounters that often do not give any resolve.

Find people who support us even if they don’t fully understand, at least they will respect our choices without trying to overprotect.

Why do humans give up on dreams and callings? Maybe it is impatience, maybe lack of proof that it is real, maybe setbacks to that dream, or perhaps just a need to belong to a majority. Safety in numbers can often feel more appealing, dreamers are often put in the eccentric, minority class.

Also many give up on their dreams because they don’t happen in the time frame they would like them to.

Diving timing or the Law of Rhythm, where everything has a natural cycle, plays a huge role in the manifesting of our dreams. We wouldn’t pull a cake out of the oven thirty minutes before its ready. Patience is often a trait that none of us fare very well in.

By holding onto our dreams we can often be accused of being obsessive, irrational, illogical, too passive or a dreamer.

Whilst the Universe can be persistent it is not pathological, the signs will be continual but gentle and our perseverance has its merits.

Learning to trust our intuition and divine messages is key for our next level of evolution. Which also means trusting and accepting when it’s time to detach as that also can be part of the dream. It doesn’t mean we stop caring about our dream, it just allows the Universe to direct us without our interference.

Interestingly enough I thought I was finished writing this blog but something stopped me publishing it. I love the way the Universe works.

That night I saw the movie Tomorrow Land and whilst the movie itself wasn’t overly substantial, the message it delivered at the end certainly packed a punch for me.

It spoke of the way we can be manipulated by the news we are feed to lead us into a negative mindset that can escalate to dire proportions and would definitely be detrimental to holding onto a dream.

It also made several references to the Cherokee proverb of the two wolves.

Indian Wolves

On the upside it also spoke of encouraging the ‘dreamers’, the ones who never give up. The ones who see beyond the surface.

Dreamers believe in the unseen. They are the pioneers of Tomorrow Land.

Dare to Dream and never give up believing.



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    good one Deb. back to the wolf metraphor.;)

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