Is it Time to Rewrite the Story?


With the bringing in of the New Year, often comes a string of resolutions that are often broken before the end of January, if not sooner.

Whether it was to lose weight, quit smoking, be more financial savvy, be more active, become more social, or really committing to anything.

There is a reason that we haven’t done it so far, so why would we think this time would be any different?

So rather than use willpower or white knuckling to achieve goals, perhaps we should start to ask different questions.

What is stopping me from achieving this goal?

What do I fear if I achieve this goal?

What will change for me that I am afraid of if I achieve this goal?

Are my fears founded?

Is this goal really even mine?

We need to get underneath what is preventing us from achieving what we say we want rather than force it.

Once we have removed the blocks then the goal should be achievable, providing of course, it is OUR goal and for our highest good.

Sometimes the Universe gives us what we need rather than what we want.

All of this equates to everyone has a STORY and not leading the life we desire could mean that it is time to rewrite that story.

Having a story is like a blueprint of who we are, but it might not be defining us in the most positive light.

I wonder how many people are living their dream or are they merely existing, going through the motions whilst having an inner longing that there should be more?

We may have been told to be grateful for what we have and not to rock the boat, and whilst I am all for gratitude, in fact it is key in fulfilling our dreams, it is not the way of the Universe to downplay our lives.

Why do some people look like they have it all, while others are barely scratching the surface of their potential?

It is not up to anyone to judge where another is at in their life as long as that person is content being there. But are they?

We all know someone, Hell, we might even be that someone, who follows the masses of herd mentality, while still complaining about their lack, the government, the health system, world crisis’s and not forgetting the endless list of people that have wronged them, parents and ex partners and bosses ranking fairly high on that list.

I am often asked why I don’t let things worry me and why I stay so calm in sometimes difficult and challenging situations. My response is, no one has yet proven to me that worrying, acting irrational to prove my point and refusing to budge on my point of view, has made a situation any more palatable or offers any form of relief of stress.

In any given situation we always have a choice, whether it is a new occurrence or past. Research has shown that the body does not know the difference between fact and fiction, so when we are constantly replaying incidences in our mind, we are putting our body through the same levels of stress as if the incident was occurring all over again.

So what story are we ready to let go of?

It can be as simple as changing some of the language we use around it. Noticing how we feel when we tell the story?  Is it still charged with emotions? Is there stuck feelings that are causing us physical discomfort? Any unchecked emotions will eventually show up in the physical body so we can finally make peace and release them.

Why do people choose to hang onto their stories? Maybe it’s familiarity: a not so good old friend? A payoff?  Feeling entitled?  It’s become part of who they define themselves as?  Totally unaware? Belief that it keeps them strong or safe?

Any number of these reasons could be true for someone but the only time when anything will be addressed is when the pain of staying in the cycle carries more hurt than trying to leave it.

The Universe has an innate way of increasing the pressure to gently prod us to make healthier choices and sometimes it won’t be so subtle.  It can come in the form of a health scare or a life changing event that was sent to us to give us a much needed wake up call.

Happy New Year, Happy New Story, Happy New Life.


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