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The subject of this blog is Indigo Children, a subject very dear to my heart.

Indigos, for those not familiar, is the term used to describe a group of children that have been born mainly from the 70’s onward but there has been documented cases of Indigos well into their 50’s.

There have been a number of books written about the Indigos from authors Nancy Trappe, Lee Carroll & Jan Tober, and Doreen Virtue for your reference. This is my experience, and my own personal accounts with these souls.

To either parent, be married to, or have as a sibling can only be described as a blessing and a curse, which is exactly how they feel about their own lives at times. As I have experienced all of these roles hopefully I can share my findings thereby shedding some light for not only them but for the people that are part of their lives.

In my attempt to play ‘devil’s advocate’ I will endeavour to acknowledge all players in this intricate web of family dynamics.

The Indigos often, but not always, portray many of the following traits. Highly sensitive, both emotionally and physically to toxins, chemicals, preservatives, and cow’s milk which leads to congestion, sinus and upper respiratory problems, question authority, impatient, don’t like rules,

Whether it be legal or school structures, opinionated, angry, intuitive, perceptive about others, but unfortunately not so for their own well being, have short attention spans, do not respond to guilt trips, have either strong empathy or none, are trail blazing warriors that have been theorized to bring about change to a time when the world most needs it.

How can these non- conforming, angry, rebellious young people hope to achieve their life purposes when they appear so lost themselves you wonder.

Let’s try to understand their way of thinking a little better.

They are experiential learners so learning the hard way is a criteria for them.  They have a high sense of personal integrity of not doing things because they ‘should’, often to their own detriment.  They have an understanding of stressors so the quickest release of stress is to move the body, which is often referred to as their misdiagnosis of ADHD.  Doreen Virtue actually changes that anagram to Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension. 

According to the results of PET scans performed on these children there were differences in their frontal lobes where organization, planning & structure skills are located.  Some tests actually revealed that they had similar brain patterns to those children deemed gifted.

They will often do hands on jobs in building, construction, plumbing, or electrical to learn how basic technology works as their creative gifts are often found in future technology.

Indigos have a warrior spirit inherent in them as they have a purpose to change systems that aren’t working because of a lack of integrity, being our education, legal and government systems so they appear to have a vigilante personality to these systems and the people representing them, but have a protective nature towards the elderly, sick or unfortunate.

The duality of their persona often has them misinterpreted of who they really are.  They are left and right brained and often ambidextrous which gives the impression of being two people, their higher consciousness versus their personality, which can be dense, limited, emotional and very closed off.  It’s interesting to note that Einstein was labelled ‘unteachable‘ and a slow learner and didn’t know his left from his right.

Their lack of respect for these systems is why they refuse to conform to them because being true to themselves is a higher calling.

I found it interesting that many of these Indigos are drawn to one of the oldest forms of spirituality, whether this is indicative of them being old souls or merely that they resonate with the philosophies of this group.

Knowledge of this still doesn’t give much relief to teachers, law enforcement agencies, or most of all, the families of these Indigos.

After continual circumstances it’s no wonder that siblings especially feel a sense of resentment towards them. They refuse to excuse their bad behaviour any longer. They are confused by the attention that gets placed on them, and their lack of responsibility, so understandably there is a real sense of unfairness that they are causing so much grief to their families.

Siblings don’t have the parental connection to these kids so their solutions are more black and white. They want results, changes, retribution and they want us as parents to make that happen. To look out for them and their wellbeing and stop the disruptions that these Indigos often cause.

To minimize anymore sibling rivalry I was shown the lesson of never comparing one human to another many years ago. I am grateful for this teaching as I have implicated those all important lessons many times.

Put a lightworker, environmentalist and a warrior in the same house and you have a real mixed bag of emotional conflict.

I think the major lesson for the whole family when they have an Indigo in it is about tolerance and unconditional love.

Our job as parents and lightworkers is to teach these Indigos how to interact more passively.  If they want to make change they have to learn to play the game of respect and compassion to be heard.

So if we need to teach these children this lesson we have to practice tolerance and unconditional love with them, which because of their difficult and unruly behaviour isn’t always easy.

All forms of relationship breakdowns are due to communication malfunction.

So even though we as lightworkers, teachers and family members need to help these Indigos through these formative years and help them find their purpose.

That does not mean to enable or condone bad behaviour.  It simply means to never give up on the truth that you already instinctively know, that there is a sensitive heart inside that hurt, angry child, so be conscious of discipline being respectful and consistent without adding to their already strong feelings of feeling ‘alien’.

One further interesting fact that kept arising was that when I was writing this article and I starting talking to a few Indigos, surprisingly enough, many of their names started with the letter ‘J’.

Apart from their sensitivity to chemicals and certain foods I have made several crystal sprays that have had some positive results.  The range is Indigo Peace, Epic Indigos and JCurve.  For those who work with these ones being teachers, carers, or social workers I made Metatrons Mission which enables better communication between the two.

Indigo sprays


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