Humanity is the New Hero


It’s another New Year and 2015 is the Year of the Sheep which in Chinese tradition signifies having an open heart, compassion, creativity, family and acceptance.  Sheep only go forward, never backward or sideways.

Traditionally most people will set goals, resolutions and benchmarks for themselves at the beginning of each year, which are often unrealistic and harsh and then they spend more time beating themselves up for failing.  The open heart compassionate policy has to begin with us.

In times of tragedy and disaster many people will step up to help their fellow man like in the recent Sydney siege where instead of turning to hate against a race, it became a crusade to protect them with offerings of escorting those who felt fearful for their safety on public transport.  The ‘Ride with Me’ exercise was an example of humanity triumphing over tragedy.

Another recent example was the Adelaide Hills bushfire at the beginning of the year.  People rallied to help neighbours and the animals and to offer food and shelter.

These examples are proof that when tested the true hero in the story doesn’t carry a weapon and act tough, it remains soft and vulnerable, proving once again that the heart is the master organ.

When we witness these events it’s easy to believe that humanity is alive and well but why wait for a disaster to strike or tragedy to occur.  We can offer this to strangers in the form of courtesy, tolerance, vulnerability, compassion many times throughout our day.

Many people are experiencing big changes over the last couple of years which I covered physical symptoms of rashes, hot flushes, cold and flu, shingles and gastro symptoms in my blog from 2012 Our Ascension Part 1 and  Our Ascension Part 2.  These are still occurring as our bodies are going through a metamorphic phase of recalibrating. Changing of energy has many of us going through changes of losing loved ones, friendships, relationships, dwellings, jobs and beliefs. This is ascension, not menopause, midlife crisis or rebellion.

There is also a call to clean up past ‘clutter’.  We can no longer overwork, overexercise, overeat, overshop or overstimulate to avoid facing these ‘skeletons of our past’.  It is as simple as acknowledging and releasing.  It doesn’t need to be an intervention of the family or years of therapy.  Just feel the emotions, let them have their voice and allow them to pass through us, (often as the physical symptoms listed above).

Many people experienced different Christmas celebrations, either with new people, some family missing or dined with new people, as with different celebrations for New Year.  Whilst this can seem disconcerting for some as change often does, I think when we embrace the Law of Detachment we are more likely to bend with change rather than snap because of a rigidity or what things ‘should’ look like.

Many are spending more time alone opposed to socialising, this is part of a self-awareness level. This can be that the rise in vibration has made us more sensitive to outside stimulants that make us feel uncomfortable, not to be confused by an anxiety of not venturing outside the house at all.

When we embrace an attitude of tolerance we are not only coming up against our own beliefs but those we may have grown up with.  We may be opposing against our family, our church, and our medical professionals.  Just know that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  We can challenge things at our own pace based on our heart feelings and inner knowing’s.

There are many topics that are in need of tolerance and my advice would be to become more educated on the subject but always make the decision from your heart, what feels right and never make a decision based on fear.  Those topics can give rise to many a heated discussion whether it be religion, nutrition, parenting modalities including vaccinations, breastfeeding, child birthing or parents’ rights to work or stay home. If we can stay in our heart and know that everyone is doing what they believe is in their best interest, we can leave judgement at the door and adopt our own personal philosophies thus making decision making better suited for us.

For me personally, my philosophies would be close to nature, so I find it interesting that my style of spirituality, nutrition, parenting beliefs and natural healing are often referred to as NEW AGE where in reality it is more nature’s original blueprint, making it more ancient or indigenous.

Technology is amazing but in many cases man has interfered with our natural philosophy, one being fundamentalist religion and another being the philosophy of our innate intelligence to self-heal by introducing many man made foods and pharmaceuticals that are contributing to poorer health.

Whether we meditate on it, pray on it, or sleep on it, if the decision is coming from a place of feeling then we are on track. If we find ourselves still jumping from head to heart then spend time in nature, with our pet or make sandcastles with our kids or grandkids.  Spending time in a cleaner frequency gives us clearer reception to our answers.

Having a belief in ourselves and know that it is our nutritional decisions, thoughts and unresolved emotions that contributed to a state of unwell so a reversal of those can bring us back to wellbeing again.

If mankind ever hopes to sustain the planet’s existence there has to be a realisation that it’s not technology we need, it’s HUMANITY.


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  1. Wendy

    What a beautiful article Debbi. You’re such a beautiful soul. If only we all exercise a little more Humanity and help each other without expecting anything in return, this planet would be a much more beautiful place!
    Thanks for being you.

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