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Heart 2 Heart

Those who know me are aware of my passion for animals, and those labelled ADHD, (Attention Dialled into Higher Dimension), Autistic, Aspergers, Angels, and even Aliens.

These are my ‘A’ team, also often referred to as INDIGOS and like all A listers reside in an elite group that most of us aren’t a member.

What makes these ones appear to be different, and thus often thought of as less than the, so called, ‘normal’ people?

Some have theories on why the number of autistic and asperger children are on the rise relating it to environmental, vaccines or genetics, all of which have merit.

Whether there is evidence to those theories or not, in the bigger picture my belief is the one thing they have in common is that they are here to teach us about unconditional love, so their purpose is a spiritual one.

Perhaps the labels should read Authenticity, Awareness, Acceptance and Awesomeness.

The inability to understand each other is not due to one being less than, but more likely that their frequency is tuned differently to others, much like static on a radio or not clear television reception.  We don’t expect people in other countries to all speak the same language, we have to find common grounds of communication.

I believe this can be obtained through the heart and our senses. Have you noticed that animals and these ones are very sensitive to noises, light, smell, touch and taste.  Their sensory systems are highly attuned making them high receptors given the right environment.  They also aren’t being overridden by their heads and continual thoughts, enabling their authentic, intuitive skills to rise to the surface.

I believe our roles as parents, guides, teachers, guardians and health practitioners is to respect their sensitivity to this harsh earth environment and alleviate some of their angst.

A better understanding of nutrition, especially the effects of wheat on neural pathways, toxins in home products, personal care products and processed food and pharmaceuticals all attribute to making life a little easier for them.

My experience working with these A listers, whether they be two or four legged is that when you can get them as close to nature as possible they are better able to cope with the harshness of the world.

My belief is that people who are working wholistically with this group, work from more of an intuitive sense.  Communication does not only occur with the spoken word. They teach us that our verbal communication skills are limited so we have to expand our resources to endeavour to make the lines of communication clearer for both parties.

Mediums, animal whispererers, clairvoyants all use this form of communication. The ability to trust our senses more than our thoughts.

So what are the gifts we have experienced by having these ones in our lives?

Compassion, empathy, stronger connection to life and what really matters, unconditional love, perception & perspectives. It makes us research and reach for other alternative ways of looking at our health and wellbeing, a humbleness of how we show up in the world, to listen, to respect and be tolerant of people’s differences, to let go of our egoic personality that wants to control our lives, to be open and receptive, and grateful.

With Einstein being considered ‘unteachable’ and the amazing way wild animals only rely on instincts to survive and nurture, and seeing the communication between autistic children and animals, it does leave a huge question mark over what really is intelligence and how emotional intelligence is becoming more and more recognised for it’s connection to health and wellbeing.

Nothing happens in this world without purpose and these ones were not put in our path if there wasn’t a reciprocal gift for both.

My constant encounters with these ones in my work and personal life has reiterated to me how powerful the art of non verbal communication can be.

As these ones communicate on a higher vibration to most, the use of essentials oils & crystals in the form of sprays, energy healings and distant reiki healings, have helped me to bridge the communication gap.  My latest crystal spray is called Heart 2 Heart with its purpose of communicating through the heart space by bridging the gap.

Hugging is another form of heart to heart connection, and used in conjunction with the spray can open a portal of two way flowing energy.

Hugging produces a neuro peptide called Oxytocin which in turn lowers stress hormones such as cortisol.  It also aids in lowering blood pressure, lowering stress, boosting immune system, and easing symptoms of depression.  It also reduces sugar, drug and alcohol addictions.

Hugging activates the Solar Plexus chakra which is associated with our thymus gland which stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine and balances the nervous system.

Whether you are a carer, parent, teacher, counsellor or pet owner to an A lister, it makes sense to incorporate some heart to heart hugging in your daily routine.  If workplace conditions prohibits personal touch or the use of alternative tools such as healing sprays, or energetic healings, then engage your heart in your interactions opposed to your mind and hear the ‘whispers’.

If touch and love is a universal language and it is primal, then it makes sense that non verbal communication via our senses can be far more effective and reach deeper parts of our souls than the spoken word.

If actions speak louder than words, then perhaps it’s time to give someone you love a heartfelt hug, including you.











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