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After writing my last blog on Releasing the Ego it is more apparent than ever that FEAR is running rampant.

From my experience, FEAR often shows up just as something good is about to emerge.  It can show up as insecurities, old limiting beliefs, sabotage, indecisiveness or half truths.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that governing bodies are becoming more proactive, or rather bullying people into their way of thinking by instilling fear and stand over tactics.  Maybe their fear is that the natural therapists know truths that could be either damaging or unprofitable.

My only purpose for this blog is not to engage a debate on natural versus clinical but to open a line of communication, within ourselves to have an awareness of when we are operating from fear base or fact.

With obvious evidence supporting both sides of any debates, I think it bears remembering that scaring, shaming or bullying is now recognised, on a global level, to be totally unacceptable.

Regardless of whether the intention is to help people, the inability to choose that help negates any good doing.

We know that there has been discrepancies in the past of what medical and government have chosen for us in the interest of our own good.   Like the tampering with our water supply with fluoride, hybridising our wheat supply, the cholesterol myth, the thalidomide effect, the introduction of artificial and processed foods, the overuse of preservatives in vaccines, overprescribing of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals and most recently the threat of not insuring midwives to assist with home births.

We are currently celebrating 100 years of the Anzacs and all the aussie pride that envelopes that is about the fact they fought for our freedom.

Regardless of what our beliefs are and where our alliances on these delicate issues lie, having our freedom to choose taken away is something that everyone should be concerned about.

Maybe these new decisions don’t directly affect all of us today, but if we stand back and allow others to be subjected to these bullying tactics we are guilty of being accessories by our passivity or could find ourselves affected personally at some stage.

I believe if we have grave concerns regarding any issue, not to adopt a knee jerk, fear based reaction but to research or seek out and follow those who have done that research so that you are better informed to make your own choice and not hand over those important decisions based on herd mentality.  After all, we are all individuals, so that needs to be acknowledged.

Our self-awareness and ability to trust ourselves goes a long way in helping make those important decisions.  I think the saying of ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ is very appropriate in these circumstances.  Once you have the intention to become more informed, more information will be presented to you.  It’s the Law of Attraction.

Aim to be a critical thinker in your life. Critical thinking is the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking and contrary to some beliefs doesn’t inhibit our creativity. It actually enhances the outside the box thinking and pursuit of the less travelled consensus.

Many acclaimed critical thinkers, who are experts in their fields are amazing examples of how science and natural therapies can not only live in perfect harmony, but is our natural state of being.

Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton are but a few of these people that are worth following to gain a better understanding of this, all of which I have had the privilege of meeting.

Freedom is our natural state of being and should be pursued for our peace of mind.

Perhaps Paulo Coelho said it best:

Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose

And commit to myself to what is best for me


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  1. Toni

    I saw a great post a while ago. It was a picture of a herd of sheep. In the middle of the herd was one sole little sheep with his hands up in the air saying ‘Its ok…. we dont all have to be the same… you can be different’…
    Sadly, like sheep, humans follow the masses and are sometimes incapable of independent thought.
    I like your attempt to inject the ‘idea of independent thought’ here. You are one of those individual little sheep, in the middle of the herd with her hands up. Good on you.
    Good article.

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