Faith and Trust


These are words that get used a lot but perhaps its time to elaborate a bit more on the meanings behind them.  How many of us have had a goal, dream or wish and have used all our knowledge of ‘positive thinking, law of attraction, affirmations, meditating, manifesting and even good old fingers crossed, to bring these into fruition, only to find that we still appear to come up short?

Now along comes a few regulars we will recognise well.  Impatience, frustration, despondency, hopelessness.  Some phrases that come readily to mind are:  NOT FAIR, WHY, WHAT ELSE DO I HAVE TO DO? WHEN?  All our efforts appear to be in vain, or do they?

Why do some people seem to get that they ask for quicker than others? The difference could be that these people have taken ‘expectation‘ out of the equation.

That’s not to say we lower our expectations, its about the details of exactly how it should look.  If the end result is still the same are we willing to drop our expectations of the how and when?

The Universe will bring us pieces of our desires in the order that is in our best interests. Unfortunately, some of us think we know better, when in reality, if we were our own life managers, we should probably dismiss our services based on previous performance results so far.

Trust is a knowing that the event will happen, but be willing to give up the details.  Sometimes we fail to see the gift in front of us because we see it wrapped in different wrapping paper and not exactly what we expected.

Before you know it we are out of our zone of positivity, faith, hopelessness and smack bang into resentment, anger, blame and ungratefulness.

It looks like we just went down another snake and have to start the process all over again.  Not so, just be willing to change our thoughts and the change has already started.

A few analogies about manifesting that maybe helpful:

KNOW WHAT WE WANT.  A simple way to achieve this is by making a vision board.  Liken this to visiting a restaurant.  If the waiter brings us the menu and we don’t know what we want, then rightly so, we will receive nothing.  It is not his job to assume what we want.

GET OUT OF OUR OWN WAY.  Again, using the restaurant analogy, once we’ve placed our order we wouldn’t go in the kitchen to ensure they are preparing exactly what we asked for, unless of course getting chased by a meat cleaver is high on our wish list.

This is where trust and faith comes into play.  Don’t be blind to all the little wins that add up to the big one.  Be grateful for all the pieces of the puzzle that eventually form the bigger picture.

Remember, we all have to learn in steps.  Too fast a growth will prevent us from seeing all the lessons along the way.  We would never expect a child to go from a three wheeler to a two wheeler and then a motorbike in a space of weeks.

When we let go of our expectations of how it should look, we can move out of REACTING and back into CREATING. (Funnily enough these two words have the exact same letters)

To keep our relationships in harmony, letting go of expectations is paramount.  Please do not confuse this with personal boundaries and integrity.  If someone crosses the line on our personal boundaries then we still need to maintain vigilance on this.

The expectations is expecting our partner, boss, friend to behave in accordance with our wish list and being disappointed when this does not occur.   Remember its no one else’s job to make us happy, just as it’s not our job to make someone else happy.

So the next time we feel overlooked or jealous of someone else’s good fortune, firstly look within and see if we are standing in our own way by trying to control the outcome of our desires so tightly that there is no wriggle room.

After doing all these things and there is still resistance to accepting the dreams we have cosmically ordered for ourselves, then further investigation of our emotional state will need to be addressed or this whole process will be compromised.

Check to see if there is any underlying reasons why the manifestation is not occurring. It could be unworthiness or a fear of success in which self sabotaging will come into play.

After we have addressed all these options, then sometimes the best choice we can make is to do nothing but trust that everything is happening exactly in the correct order to manifest our heart’s desires.

The Stillness will bring the brightest achievements.


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