Expect A Miracle


Hope, destiny, miracles, trust and faith, are they just pretty buzz words or do they hold the key to elusive happiness that we are all striving for?

I just saw the movie, A Winter’s Tale and the message was very clear. It’s our belief in hope, destiny and miracles that will pull us out of every human patterning we have imprisoned ourselves with.

Not by being apathetic or passive but by trusting that if we only take action when it is guided by love not fear, then we will naturally fall into the order of our Grand design.  The movie has its theme of good versus evil for the Hollywood effect but the only evil that most of us have endured in our everyday lives is ourselves. 

Our perceptions, perspectives and assumptions that are more than likely giving us false information based on our past conditioning.

Our minds can over analyse and give us many scenarios that are often fear based.  Every bit of information we have ever absorbed, whether it be through media, society, books, family and friends is all catalogued in our brains, much like a google search.  If we are willing to make decisions based on our feelings, rather than our thoughts, we have a better option for a personalised solution to our current situation.  After all, our hearts are exclusive to us, hence why I call this HEART GOOGLE.  A simple test would be to question our decisions as to whether they are coming from a place of fear, confirming that we are coming from our head space instead of our heart space.

We have all had experiences that condition us not to trust and have faith or even trust ourselves.  We can often blame our hearts for getting us into relationships where we were hurt, betrayed or abused.  But if we are truthful with ourselves we will probably conclude that the decisions we made that brought us to this situation were not feeling decisions but rather fear based ones.  The fear of being alone is a classic example.

There is an abundance of wonderful things in the world if we would only be willing to switch channels to experience it.

Movies like A Winter’s Tale will inspire and warm, but more importantly it will grow the heart big enough to ‘feel’ the messages and renew our faith in why we are here.

I love the saying, ‘It’s not how many breaths we take, but how many moments took our breath away’. This movie delivered that and more, so much so that I wanted to see it again.

Keep the hope that our destiny does involve a miracle because when we believe we see miracles around us everyday.


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