Embracing Change


Over the last few years there has been many changes in our lifestyles, many of whom have had to deal with financial setbacks, thus having to adjust their budgets. Changes in relationships, career changes, but none so important as changing our thoughts and perceptions around all these changes

Some will embrace change as a form of learning and growth whilst others will fight it, holding onto the belief that they already know the outcome so they have a need to try to control it.

Those of us that have been making changes already understand that it was only our thoughts that needed to change, and the physical aspects just followed suit.

Change is the only constant in our life so to fight it only seems to be a fruitless exercise that could be less exhausting and stressful if we only learn to accept it.

Not all change looks like a lottery win to us, in fact, sometimes it appears to be quite negative. If we allow ourselves the flexibility and patience to see the story unfold, we may see the real gift later down the track.

If we surrender to the prospect that we are only seeing a small glimpse of the story, isn’t it better to stay open to the fact that the ending can have many options, some of which we would never have dreamed possible?
We are all familiar with some story of a seemingly negative event that turns out to have a positive outcome in the end. Hence the saying, we need to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

Sometimes it’s that change, the very thing that installs fear into us, is the spearhead that catapults us on a new and exciting ride to the next stage of our life. 

So the next time life throws us a curveball in the form of a change in our life, then my challenge is to welcome it, breathe and surrender any preconceived judgements we may have surrounding it. It is neither good nor bad. It just is.   So while we are sitting with the situation, allow clarity and calm to creep into our mind so that the next chain of thoughts won’t be based on fear, but fact.

Now, for anyone that has been living in the now, letting go of controlling events in their life, accepting and surrendering to daily challenges, taking action only when the feeling is strong and feeling a little impatient that life has appeared to have gone stagnant, please don’t despair.

As with planting a garden, it takes time to prepare the soil, plant the seed, fertilise the plant and then water it. A lot of the growth is happening under the surface where we cannot see it, but rest assured, it is growing and soon the fruits of our efforts and patience will be evident. It will start to push through the surface until it flourishes and blooms.

So too will our life with the right preparation, solid foundations and patience.

Hopefully we will take the time to understand the lessons that the universe is thrusting our way as opportunities rather than challenges and know that we are never given anything more than we can handle.

Change is often the Wakeup call we needed while we were sleep walking through our lives.

If we want to change our lives……Change our Perception


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