Blissfully in Balance


As a wholistic wellness practitioner I am constantly making reference to balance.  The analogy I use to describe this balance is likened to the swing of the pendulum.  To obtain this balance the pendulum should be central in the arc flow. Not too far right or too far left. How is this achievable?

My theory is when we approach our life wholistically covering many aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, balance can be restored.

We all know people that are killing it financially but can lack social skills, be emotionally void, lack family commitment or have major health issues.

Subsequently there are others that have enormous amounts of empathy, compassion, strong family values and social skills but lack any business or career prowess.

Some would say that we can’t be good at everything but what if we just weren’t asking ourselves the right questions? Those questions would be aimed at any issues, fears, or blocks that we may have placed in our path, ultimately in most cases, for protection, but we have to ask ourselves, from what? Usually our own illusions.

Many children are afraid of the dark but when we turn on the light they are pacified.  The same goes for our own adult fears and illusions. When we shed light, in the form of awareness, solutions can rise to the top.

If our inability to obtain balance is the result of some limiting beliefs based on our prior experiences, awareness and willingness to achieve wholeness is the first step.

Often circumstances can cause us to make new choices that swing opposite to what we may have previously done.  An abusive victim declares they will never be in that situation again and switches from passive to aggressive.

Someone who has thrown themselves into making someone else’s life happy fears losing themselves in a new relationship so chooses to boycott all future ones.

In both cases there has been a massive swing in perspective but both ends of the spectrum are dysfunctional and polar opposites.

Many times I’ve been asked how we know if we are out of balance.  Put simply, I think our bodies are our best barometers.  Pain, ailments and emotional stress are one of the perfect indicators that imbalances are at play.

Unresolved relationships can also have a massive impact on balancing our health and wellbeing.  The balance would be neutral feelings rather than the spectrum of feelings ranging from resentment, regret, anger, revenge, animosity or sadness.

Information on Workshops or one on one counselling sessions specifically designed to restore balance can be found at my website as Wholistic Wellness Wheel


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