Authenticity & Integrity


Are we living our life in authenticity?

How many of us can lay claim to that?

Or are we living someone else’s life?

So what does it mean to live authentically?

It’s being true to ourselves, our beliefs, our morals and our values. It’s standing by our principles even when we are in a minority. It’s being courageous enough to speak up and challenge policies even when we know there could be the risk of being ostracized.

What area of our lives do we compromise on?

Is it doing a job that isn’t in alignment with our beliefs? Or worse yet, that the company has unethical policies?

Is it being in a relationship that we know isn’t ideal but we stay for all the wrong reasons?

What people do we allow to cross our personal boundaries? What do we tell ourselves to make this ok? What are we passionate enough about that we would speak up for?

Are we keeping company with certain people that we don’t particularly enjoy their company? Are we being inauthentic with our reasons for keeping these friendships? Perhaps for status, what they can do for us, or who they know?

Are we selling our Souls to the Devil?

Do we know facts about animal testing on cosmetics but choose to ignore? Do we buy caged products thinking that our small contribution won’t make a difference anyway?

When we are not being true to ourselves and not in alignment with our morals, our bodies will suffer.  Being out of alignment means imbalance and imbalance equates to headaches, sinus, insomnia, back, neck and shoulder problems and gastro intestinal problems.

This is not meant to be a persecution or standing on moral judgment. It is merely a wakeup call for us to be more aware of our bodies warning signals as to what is not working for us. When we ignore our inbuilt barometers, then our health will take a nosedive to emphasize the point.

Again, I stress that no one is saying to go out and campaign against injustice, (unless you feel compelled to do so), but to just be true to ourselves and know when we are living out of our integrity & gently pull ourselves back for our own wellbeing.

When we become more accomplished at recognizing when we are out of sync with our ethical and moral boundaries, then we can look past our own personal space and apply those same principles on a larger scale.

If we judge ourselves by others standards we will then make changes based on guilt and then we have created a whole new set of dilemmas for ourselves.

Guilt is a stick for change and whilst it may work short term, we are painfully aware that it is not the motivation behind lasting change.

Following up on my last article on Indigos I would like to reiterate that they possess strong moral compasses. They will stir people up by challenging them. The more they speak up on sensitive issues the more people will get defensive and angry.

The Indigos built in integrity meter refuses to allow themselves to be inauthentic. They will speak up against rules and systems that go against their beliefs. Even though they are thought to be too young to know their own mind, most parents of these kids will attest to how forthright and open they are, often to their own detriment.

It is more painful for them to compromise their integrity than not to live in authenticity.

Throughout time people have been condemned for speaking truths. Speaking about things that some would prefer left alone.

These kids are the change that we have been looking for. They will challenge the systems that aren’t working instead of turning a blind eye.

The following was a message channelled to me from the Indigo Soul

Do not fear us or ostracize us. Do not mould us into YOU because you brought us here to make a difference, not produce more of the same.

We are the change you have longed for and yet we are expected to comply with all that is not serving you.

We need you to remember why you birthed us. We are trying to communicate in a world that is alien to us.

For us to shine, we need to be who we are without censorship or judgment

A Leader Creates a World that others want to belong to


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