Authenticity, Allowing, Alignment, Attraction & Abundance


All these are very powerful new age words that most of us are familiar with and probably at some stage have read about.  Law of Attraction, Art of Allowing, Being in Alignment, Authentic Self, Being in Abundance.

From attending and listening to a lot of inspirational speakers I have heard all these words and phrases used many, many times.   Some of the definitions that have resonated with me and what I have seen play out, are perhaps to offer everyday examples or at least another perspective on these words that may be worth pondering.

AUTHENTICITY in my experience is being true to you even when, or especially when it may feel uncomfortable.  To be authentic in some cases is to have the hard conversations with people, especially tricky for those who shy away from confrontation.

But perhaps it could also mean that we are enabling people by not allowing them to learn their own lessons, by making things easier for them. Of course, we never want to see other people suffer, so if we can ease that for them, (and us of course) that’s ok then, right????

What if in doing that we deprive them from a much needed lesson.  Here’s an example; someone offers to do us a favour, we accept, (even though we are a little uncomfortable about accepting) and then they are feeling anxious, second thoughts etc.  Many of us would immediately step in and allow them to bow out gracefully without the discomfort of having to state their case.  What if they have an issue of over committing themselves or with never asking for what they want?  By us stepping in to let them off the hook we circumnavigated that opportunity for them to grow by pushing them outside their comfort zone and also potentially could have stopped us from ALLOWING someone to do a favour for us.

Those of us who are parents probably enable our children regularly, depriving them of valuable life lessons, thus not being authentic in our decision or allowing them to shine.  Most of the times we are operating from a place of fear not love and it can make us feel better knowing they are not doing without.  Put in those terms it actually portrays it more as an act of selfishness rather than being constructive, which would never have been our conscious intention.

The terminology of being in or out of alignment can be measured by the level at which we feel emotionally.  If we are hurting, resentful, angry, sad, disillusioned or unhappy about any given situation, then that is the barometer to realise we are out of alignment with ourselves.

In the understanding of Law of Attraction this is just an opportunity to acknowledge the circumstances and relationships that are causing us discord and manoeuvre our thoughts to a different perspective.  An earlier blog I wrote on Gifts in strange wrapping paper emphasises this more.   This is not to blame another person or situation as the cause of our pain, but to recognise it as an opportunity to show us where we may still be forsaking ourselves either by not having boundaries or awareness of our triggers, all the whilst  remembering the other person or situation is just the catalyst.

So when we have an understanding of Authenticity; being true to you and answerable to your own integrity.  Allowing; getting out of our own way and knowing we are worthy.  Alignment; feeling happy and grateful even when circumstances can be challenging.  Attraction; knowing that whatever emotions we are feeling are an indicator of what energy or vibration we are offering and hence what will come back to us and when that is one of Alignment, then Abundance can finally be ours in all areas of our lives. Abundance can come to fruition in many forms; prosperity, thriving health and energy, great relationships and opportunities.

Why not let the FIVE A’s reside within us today and reap the rewards.


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