To Be or Not to Be


Ironically this is my first blog and today is my birthday so it seems fitting to celebrate just being on the anniversary of when that was all we were capable of.

As I walk on the beach and listen to the waves, watching how the clouds continually take different shapes, I realise how easy it is to take everything for granted in pursuit of an identity.

Like others, I had brought my headphones and a determination of a fast paced exercise regimen, until I realised I wanted to listen to the waves and greet people and just absorb all the surroundings.

Considering my background in wholistic psychology I have often pondered over the mindset of the workaholics, the gym junkies and the overachievers.  What makes so many humans push themselves so hard?  For what?  What is that elusive prize that so many are reaching for?

How did we get to define ourselves by so many external stimuli whether they be physical or emotional?

Why do we work in jobs that we hate, just to finance cars and houses, especially when so many just look forward to relaxing on a beach or river in very modest dwellings.

Why do we define ourselves by whether we are in a relationship or not just to lose ourselves in the process?

Why do we feel the need to escape our lives by not being present in the now?  All these questions are real for many people.  Maybe if our lives were simpler and our expectations were kinder of ourselves the ratio of our bliss time would reverse.

I guess the question that came to mind was:  How do we measure success?  Everyone’s answer may differ but health and happiness I would assume would have to rate fairly high, and yet we sacrifice so often both of these in a false perception of what success is.

The overall message that came through was when we are truly in touch with our feelings and tell ourselves the truth our tastes and lifestyles may be a lot simpler and less stressful than they need to be.

I will continue to enjoy just being, because the more I give myself permission to do what I love, the closer I am to real love.  It all starts with me.


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2 Responses

  1. MJ

    Beautifully said Debbi. X

  2. Toni Clarke

    That is a great blog Debbi. I cant imagine how sore your little fingers were typing that into your phone! St Michaels school philosophy is “Be the best YOU can be”. Kevin and I endorsed this as we felt it wasnt important to Be the BEST but just to always DO your best. I guess it is a fine line between ensuring you are doing it all in the persuit of happiness rather than to impress others. I know personally I set my own bar for myself very high. In physical activity it is aimed at not only vanity and to avoid menopausal blow out! but also clearly with family history it is more so now an eminent health issue. Pushing hard for your family, just speaks for itself. It is a great blog purely for people to interospect on. To ensure that they have not set the bar too high – and for the wrong reasons. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge again. It always gives me something to think about. Have a great week.xx

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